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A good restaurant in Gdansk? Preferably in the city centre? We have not just one, but seven recommendations for you. Each in an excellent location, serving good regional cuisine. Get ready for an adventure full of intense flavours and aromas. Because in Gdansk you can eat very well, the trick is to know where: we know it and we won’t keep this knowledge just to ourselves.

Gdansk captivates the visitors with its romantic atmosphere and rich history. Exploring the city centre is a real journey through time, where medieval tenements blend with modern buildings, creating a unique architectural mosaic. This city is made for long walks, which may start at sunrise and end long after midnight. Because you can discover different faces of Gdansk depending on the time of day, and each of them is enchanting. The city centre is full of restaurants serving amazing food, so you don’t have to bring a packed lunch or sandwiches when you go sightseeing.

Elixir is a combination of restaurant, cocktail bar, independent event space and cigar room located in Wrzeszcz, near the center of Gdansk. The main concept of our establishment is foodpairing, or the art of combining flavors. As a few in Poland, we have been combining dishes with matching cocktails for 8 years now, which makes a visit to us a completely new culinary experience! Each dish has a matching cocktail, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. The pairings are perfectly paired by the chefs: bar and kitchen. Our menu is always based on seasonal and local products. On the menu you will find, among others, trout from an organic farm from Zielenica, caviar from an organic Antonius farm, or Black Angus beef from an organic Masurian Farm.

Targ Rybny – restaurant in central Gdańsk

When embarking on a culinary journey through Gdansk, it’s worth visiting Targ Rybny (The Fish Market) restaurant, located right by the Motlawa River and the carousel. Their main speciality is fish and seafood, and as one of the few in the area, they serve lobsters cooked whole. The menu includes fresh Fine de Claire oysters and many other tasty treats. Among the regional dishes, they serve zander with roasted cauliflower, crayfish sauce and dill oil, as well as smoked sturgeon dumplings. We also recommend a tapas platter for two, best enjoyed with good wine, and for vegetarians, there is a vegetarian ‘herring’ option.

A bit further down Wartka street,  where the Motlawa River flows into the Vistula estuary, you will find the oldest restaurant in Gdansk – Kubicki. During the inter-war period, this place was a particularly fashionable nightclub called Kubicki Cafe. Here, you can certainly feel the spirit of old Gdansk while enjoying exceptionally good cuisine. The menu includes many regional dishes, such as Baltic herring in traditional marinade, fish soup with mussels and mushrooms, sorrel soup with poached egg and żurek (fermented rye soup) with sausage, egg, and boletus. They offer a wide selection of fish, including cod in boletus powder and zander baked with blue cheese. For carnivores, there is a traditional Polish pork loin with fried egg and duck on red cabbage in cranberry sauce.

Good music and good food go hand in hand, which is why connoisseurs will surely appreciate Filharmonia restaurant, located in the building of the Baltic Philharmonic on The Ołowianka Island It’s a space with a unique character, adorned with a huge mural visible on all three floors of the building. The items on the menu which are worth trying are: Wiener Schnitzel,  goose leg and Kashubian ‘gnocchi’ with cherry sauce or rib eye steak. There is a wide choice of fish and vegetarian dishes. It’s also worth popping in for a glass of good wine.

You cannot miss the famous Goldwasser restaurant in Gdansk, which owes its name to the famous goldwasser (golden water). Literally, because this noble drink contains particles of 22-carat gold. However, the Goldwasser restaurant is not solely based on the liquid gold –  every guest can taste there some delicious food, too. On the menu of the restaurant, located near The Crane, you will find, to name just a few: lobster cream soup with shellfish dumpling, Argentinian “Black Angus” beef tenderloin steak, octopus carpaccio with arugula, traditional Polish żur (sour rye soup), duck breast with anise and herbs and very good steaks.

The Fino restaurant is a bit off the beaten tourist route, so if you value an intimate atmosphere, head to  Grząska 1 street. It’s an elegant fine dining restaurant where both seafood and meat lovers, as well as vegetarians, will feel pampered. What are the chef’s recommendations? creamy fish soup, cold fresh beetroot soup, halibut with asparagus, sirloin beef steak or roasted celery with rosemary. On Fridays and Saturdays and for groups of more than 5 people, the restaurant only serves the tasting menu (either meat or vegetarian version) and the main à la carte menu is not available.

Canis restaurant offers good food, music and wine. In a historic tenement house at  Ogarna 27 we can enjoy a delicious lunch, dessert or dinner. We can listen to live music and relax with a glass of exquisite wine. The menu is so diversified that everyone will find something they would like to order. Among the three most frequently ordered dishes are: soft shell crab as an appetizer, beef tenderloin steak as the main course and halva cheesecake for dessert to finish the feast. You can also try vegetarian dishes, such as white asparagus cream with strawberry salsa, vegan puff pastry dumplings with seaweed-marinated jackfruit or banana blossom in filo pastry. Among meat dishes, you will find, for instance, Ossobuco veal loin or pork ribs. There are also sharing options for larger groups, such as the Canis selection of starters with tartare, salted cod doughnuts and calamari. If you prefer meatless option, order a cheese platter or Canis Vege plate. Connoisseurs will be delighted by Canis Surf & Turf, a selection of exquisite seafood.

Mercato is an elegant restaurant in the Gdansk Hilton Hotel, awarded with 4 forks in the ranking published by “Poland 100 Best Restaurants” guide. The biggest assets of this place are: good food, beautiful views and the largest selection of wines and spirits in the Tricity. The menu changes seasonally, the dishes are based on regional products and are very diverse. The flagship dishes are: beef tenderloin tartare, herring or crayfish soup. Sole with La Ratte potatoes, rabbit saddle and Pomeranian lamb are other dishes we recommend. As well as trying one of the two tasting menus with familiar, local names: Walk along Długa Street and Walk along Mariacka Street.

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