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December is high time to to make your New Year’s Eve plans! How about a celebration in close proximity to the stormy sea, away from the hustle and bustle? Each year, the Royal Baltic Ustka organizes themed New Year’s Eve events. This year’s theme is Pirates of the Caribbean, so prepare for a healthy dose of coconuts and rum! The New Year’s Eve table will be taken care of by a Słupsk local chef, who for three years now has been tending to the cuisine at the Royal Baltic Ustka Restaurant.

The chef’s favourite cuisine is traditional Polish cooking. Its elements can be found in the restaurant menu. This changes once a year. Each month, however, there is a new, seasonal insert with dishes based on seasonally available, regional products: asparaguses, goose meat, or mushrooms.

The menu includes plethora of fish from local suppliers. The whole roasted sea bream with linseed oil, served with broccoli, truffle potatoes, burnt butter and oyster mushrooms sound delicious. But so does sea bass with Amandine butter potatoes and confit tomatoes. Finally, I make up my mind and go for the juicy, delicate cod loin, served with brown rice and deliciously caramelised carrots, with crayfish sauce.

Following this lead, I try the crayfish a’la Strogonof , delicate treat, bathed in a creamy tomato sauce with mushrooms. Crayfish are served with delicious, soft, green spinach noodles.

crayfish a’la Strogonof in Royal Baltic

For carnivores, the Royal Baltic Ustka provides impressive steaks, as well as classics such as bone-in pork chops (very popular among foreigners), beef cheeks with mashed roasted celery with snow peas and roasted garlic, or Polish-style duck with pumpkin dumplings, red cabbage with apples and black lilac sauce. Sounds delicious, right? And this is only a fraction of the menu. Let’s get to the desserts: after the fish & crayfish feast, I’m having the delicate, honey-cinnamon cheesecake served with fruit. I was tempted by the Bombardino cream Pavlova with mascarpone, fruit, and egg liqueur, as well as crepes Suzette with vanilla ice cream…

honey-cinnamon cheesecake served with fruit in Royal Baltic

While eating I looked longingly at tinctures, which tempted from behind the bar, but I had to pass. However, if you can, be sure to try the locally-made beverages. Their flavours change depending on the season. During my visit, the available flavours included: cherry, lemon, and black currant.

liquors within the confines of your own home in Royal Baltic

And if you would like to enjoy the liquors within the confines of your own home, you can purchase the entire bottle. The helpful staff will certainly give you a hand when choosing the right flavour. Wine connoisseurs will find a wide range of spirits from all around the world. The well-educated service will help you choose a wine that perfectly matches a meal. Wine can be ordered with a platter of cheese or cold cuts and roasted meat, everything from local suppliers or prepared on site. In winter you can enjoy a glass of deliciously fragrant mulled wine, then go for a walk along the beautiful Ustka beach. Now that’s what I call a perfect end of the year!


Wczasowa 26, Ustka

phone.: + 48 59 81 552 87

e-mail: recepcja@royal-baltic.pl


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