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The time has come for early vegetables to pop up, the very first available this year. When properly prepared, they are very healthy and tasty. They contain many valuable vitamins and are like a fresh, spring breeze on a plate. Are you curious which restaurants in Pomorskie will treat you to these delicacies?

Duck with radish or goose with beet greens.

Our search for early vegetables begins in the Filharmonia Restaurant. It is an awe-inspiring place, situated next to the Polish Baltic Philharmonic. Apart from an excellent menu, you also get to experience a stylish interior of the historic building. The dishes are based on original recipes is absed on fresh, seasonal products and include elements of fusion cuisine. The spring menu features, among others, duck breast fillet with salad and strawberries, served with puree of  carrots, ginger and radish.. Sounds fresh and very appetizing!

And if you feel like eating goose, make sure to pay a visit to Ustka. The restaurant at the Royal Baltic 4* Luxury Boutique Hotel  serves smoked goose breast with with a pinch of bison grass. Everything is served on a roast celery purée with red currant mousse and flambé beet greens with potato chips.

– Ustka is famous mostly for its Baltic fish. Our hotel will treat you not only to fresh fish, but also delicious goose. This dish will indulge your taste buds – guarantees Karolina Sicińska of  the Royal Baltic 4* Luxury Boutique Hotel.

Does Baltic cod taste better with asparagus or white chocolate?

The cod is said to be a perfect fish, with its meat almost melting in your mouth. It is white, tender and juicy. The fillets crumble under delicate pressure of the fork. No wonder that cod is one of the most sought for fish by tourists. Our list contains two dish suggestions with cod as the main ingredient, served with delicate, early vegetables.

The first one is the cod with asparagus, served by the Brovarnia Restaurant in Hotel Gdańsk.  Asparagus is called “super food” – it contains high concentration of vitamins, minerals, soluble fibre and a whole lot of bio-active substances. Brovarnia offers fresh Kashubian asparagus served in several different ways: as a starter (with green-legged partridge eggs), as a soup (cream of white asparagus), but also as a side to main dishes, such as the cod.

– Our signature dish is fresh cod served with blanched asparagus served with butter, tomato jam with apple cider vinegar, and white wine. It is complemented by hollandaise sauce prepared with clarified butter, with a pinch of orange peels and creamy mashed potatoes – says Jarosław Waloch, executive chef at the Brovarnia Gdańsk.

If you’d rather try a sweet version, you should direct your steps to the Gdański Bowke Restaurant (open from 15.06). The spring menu features cod with white chocolate mousse, broccoli, baby carrots and puree of peas and currants. It is irresistible.

Zander fillet with new potatoes

It’s difficult to be indifferent to new potatoes. Just a little bit of butter, a pinch of salt, and some fresh dill make them melt in your mouth. The crew of the Lazurowa Restaurant in Jastrzębia Góra have come up with an excellent idea for a dish with new potatoes – zander fillet. The fish is seasoned with salt and pepper, and then fried in clarified butter. The dish is served with steamed potatoes with butter and dill, blanched carrots, shallot glazed in white wine, capers and double cream. This combination of flavours is sure to steal many a heart.

– Young vegetables can be prepared in a variety of ways. They taste excellently both raw, in a salad for instance, and steamed. Steamed vegetables retain their intense colour. In our restaurant, we steam potatoes  in jackets and serve them with butter and dill. They’re amazing – says Alicja Stencel, restaurant manager from the Lazurowa Restaurant in Hotel Szafir.

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