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Pomorskie Voivodeship is full of picturesque, natural locations. Large parks, hundreds of lakes, lush forests and the Baltic Sea are all region’s great assets. Organising a picnic in Pomorskie is pure fun. We have prepared a list of five spots that are perfect for an outdoor feast, long walks, as well as some lazing around.

Please remember that quarantine restrictions are gradually being lifted, and while it is already allowed to stroll around forests and parks, it is still forbidden to enter any of more than 50 natural reserves in the region. It is mainly about protecting the eco-systems and breeding period of birds. When planning your spare time, remember to avoid areas adjacent to, or interlocking with, the reserves.

Chmielno – Polish Saint – Tropez

Chmielno is sometimes called „the Kashubian Saint-Tropez” , surrounded by lakes and countryside houses. Can you imagine a more idyllic setting for a picnic or a late-spring stroll? It is also where one of the most picturesque walking trails runs, perfect for a family strolls. The Red Trail, also known as the Kashubian Trail, will take you to either Kartuzy or Ostrzyce, depending on the direction that you decide to follow. The trail is more than 130 kilometres long. It allows to cross the entire western part of the Lake District, offering unforgettable views and a good sweat after an entire day of walking. Don’t forget about a bottle of water and comfortable shoes!

Pachołek Hill – nature of Pomorskie

It is one of the most interesting spots in the heart of Gdańsk. A vantage point has been erected on the top of the hill that proudly overlooks the city from above the canopy. When the weather is good, Pachołek offers a picturesque view of the city and the Bay of Gdańsk. And although the spot is worth visiting for the view itself, it is not the only attraction it offers. In this case, it is only the icing on the cake, and the route to the tower is a value of its own. If you need to spend time in natural surroundings, it is a perfect spot for you. There are many other attractions in the vicinity, including: Diabelski Kamień (The Devil’s Stone), which according to legends was dropped by the Devil himself, when he wanted to destroy the nearby monastery. Moreover, Kościuszko Hill is located nearby. It offers a retreat in the accompaniment of bird songs and tree whispers.

Słupia Valley (“Dolina Słupi”) Landscape Park

Do you need to take a deep breath? Here, it’s possible. The park, together with its buffer zone, is over 1 000 hectares. The area is completely covered with lush vegetation that grows on the banks of the river Słupia. It is the only valley park in Pomorskie, and the rich landscape and varying altitudes are the result of the North Atlantic ice sheet movement. There are eight nature reserves within the park that cannot be accessed during the pandemic. The park itself, however, remains open. Słupia Valley is also a real treat for all history ehtusiasts. There are more than 70 natural monuments within the boundaries of the park, including “Princess Anna” , a 300-year-old pine tree, which is about 33 metres high and 380 centimetres in circumference. A real must-see.

Tuchola Landscape Park

This beautiful spot is located on the border of two voivodeships. Pomorskie part is more than 15 hectares, including its buffer zone. And what will you find there? All the good things: lush forests, clean air, plethora of bird and animal species, and several cycling and walking trails, also perfectly suited for Nordic walking. The gentle whispers of the Brda river will accompany you during your hikes. Do stop from time to time, to contemplate the richness of surrounding nature. Tuchola Landscape Park is an excellent place to spend a May weekend if you want to seclude yourself from the world, or spend time with your family.

The Vistula Spit Landscape Park

A picnic on the beach? Why not! If you want a perfect spot, visit the area of the Vistula Spit. The Landscape Park is located in its eastern part, with dunes covered with pine forest. It is a view that guarantees total relaxation! The park itself is about four hectares, but its buffer zone increases its area to about twenty-two hectares. The greatest assets of this spot, aside from the forest and lush vegetation, are: a sandy beach, access to the sea and coastal dunes. The park is located in the area of Krynica Morska and Sztutowo, where other natural attractions await. The richness of fauna and flora will satisfy even the most demanding tourists.

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