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Cutting-edge technology, continuous development of medical services and readiness for foreign patients – Dr Kubik Medical Centre is one of the crown jewels of the Tri-City aesthetic medicine and it is definitely worth a visit.

Zespół w Centrum Medycznym Dr. Kubik

Putting emphasis on innovative solutions and constant development of the team are just two of the many aspects that established Dr Kubik Medical Centre as one the best aesthetic medicine clinics in Pomorskie.

Właściciel Centrum Medycznego Dr Kubik

– In our Medical Centre, we have been attending to patients with care, in terms of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology, as well as surgery, gynaecology, and other fields of medicine. We specialise not only in basic procedures, but especially in technologically advanced treatments that facilitate obtaining best possible results while maintaining low risk level and quick recovery time.

The entire team of Dr Kubik Medical Centre rely on cutting-edge technology, introducing the most powerful picosecond laser on the market, the Discovery Pico, or utilising LED light, which speeds up healing process among patients after different aesthetic medicine treatments. The wide range of technological capabilities of the Gdynia-based clinic is also complemented, among others, by the Cutera Excel V + laser, the latest equipment for the removal of vascular lesions, pigmentation and rejuvenation.

– By implementing the latest Cutera Excel V + laser, we have gained the opportunity to significantly reduce the temperature of treated areas. This cooling system is good enough to render the preoperative anaesthesia obsolete. Cutera Excel V + also provides the possibility to extend the treatment area to a substantial 14 mm! This extension of treatment area allows us to drastically reduce treatment time – explains dr. Monika Kostuś-Chasles.

Dr Kubik Medical Centre also encompasses a wide range of treatments in the field of cosmetology, including treatments of the face and body, such as body slimming and modelling. – Our treatments complement the treatments performed by doctors. This applies to each part of the body from the head down. This is also part of a cosmetologist’s work: to ensure that typical beauty and care treatments supplemented any medical procedure. This is what we rely most on here in our clinic – says Aleksandra Pawłowska, Sales and Promotion assistant to the Management Board.

Dr Paweł Kubik, who for years has carried out training during congresses and medical events all around the world, including workshops on treatments utilising hyaluronic acid-based fillers, botulinum toxin and cutting-edge technology recognises that the most important aspect of his career is still working with his team. His commitment to work with patients is appreciated not only by patients from the Tri-City.

We take care of patients not only from the region, but also from all around the country. We also take care of patients from abroad. Our staff is specifically prepared to handle patients from abroad. Also, our procedures allow us to perform many of the necessary treatments during a one- to two-night stay.

Medical Centre Dr Kubik skwer Kościuszki 15/17, Gdynia, Polska https://drkubik.pl/ info@drkubik.pl +48 58 682 21 45

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