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If you like to indulge in luxury – visit one of the premium class swimming pools in Pomorskie region. We would like to recommend you several tested locations which can be described as premium class leisure facilities. All of them are located in high standard hotels, where, apart from going for a swim or just relaxing in the water, you can stay for a day or a few. You will also find out which pools are suitable for kids and which are for adults only.

Swimming is an activity which is beneficial both for our health and well-being. If you swim regularly, your body will be in a better shape,too. There is no better way to make you feel great! The question is – which place to choose? Here are some of the hotels in Pomorskie region where you can take advantage of the premium class swimming pool facilities.

Almond Hotel in Gdańsk – a swimming pool with colloidal silver- purified water

Tranquillity can be found even close to the big city centre. Anyone who has ever stayed in Almond Hotel knows that very well. The hotel is located a bit off the main tourist route, but still in the heart of Gdańsk, just a few minutes away from the most beautiful part of the city. What can be found in Almond Hotel interiors? The fact that in the 1920s in this building there was a cocoa and marzipan factory adds to the charm and to the historic value of the place. Today, apart from taking advantage of the attractive offer of hotel services you can enjoy a delicious meal in the hotel Magiel restaurant and nourish your body and mind in The Almond Hotel Spa. It is worth highlighting that the swimming pool here is the only one in the region which is cleaned with the use of chlorine-free, colloidal silver agent.

Chlorine-free swimming pool means healthy, crystal-clear water. The Wellness Zone in The Almond Spa is a place where you can enjoy the warmth and water regardless of the weather, take care of your well-being and restore lost energy – says Magdalena Daniszewska – Almond SPA Manager. 

The intimate nature and attractive design of the swimming pool can be appreciated not only by the hotel guests. Anyone interested in using the swimming pool, sauna, hot tub or other attractions in the aquatic zone can just call and book a visit. Families with children are welcome, however please keep in mind that all children under 16 years of age must be supervised by an adult.

Grand Lubicz Hotel in Ustka – swimming pools and other attractions for children and adults

The aquatic zone of Grand Lubicz Hotel in Ustka is a water paradise for both kids and grown-ups.  It’s a good idea to plan to spend the whole day, or better – the whole weekend there, to be able to try all the attractions the place has to offer. The total surface area of water in the aquatic complex is 1,143 m², so there is plenty of space to swim and do much more, as the complex features many slides, a river ride, underwater air benches, whirlpool bathtubs for up to 12 people, paddling pool for kids, external pool with therapeutic saline water and Wellness Centre with Finnish sauna, steam bath, herbal bath and infra-red sauna.

– We are the only facility in Pomorskie region to offer our guests a thermal pool with saline water, pumped out from a 800-metre deep well. The salinity level is so high that it lets you float on the water while listening to underwater music. The therapeutic properties of the water are not only beneficial for our mind, helping us to relax an de-stress, but also have very positive impact on our health. The benefits include: improvement of skin condition, immune system, respiratory system, rheumatoid diseases and orthopaedic injuries – explains Dorota Janczukowicz, Sales, Marketing & Revenue Director of Grand Lubicz Hotel Uzdrowisko Ustka.

Quadrille – a luxurious pool for adults only

This time we would like to recommend a hotel facility dedicated for adult guests only. It is a great option to have a relaxing time for those without children as well as for parents who just want to take a break from their everyday childcare duties. The hotel design, resembling the Alice in Wonderland universe, has won the hearts of many fans. Guests love this place and return with pleasure for more of its unique experience. In the stylish design of the hotel guests can visit Biały Królik [White Rabbit] restaurant, where they can taste delicious and exquisitely served dishes, or go to The Wellness &Spa zone.

– A°Quadrille is an extraordinary place, where you can easily forget about the outside world. In the Silent Zone guests can rest in a quiet ambience and relieve their body and mind. We are open for the guests of our original hotel and for the local visitors, too. Everyone will certainly find something to their liking, for instance: a swimming pool, a Finnish sauna, a chill out lounge with a self-tanning lamp or a cardio work out space. Feel invited and have a nice stay! – says Kacper Wiśniewski, Wellnes&Spa Quality Manager of Quadrille Hotel.

A°Quadrille – the aqua zone is available for hotel guests as well as for walk-in visitors. As we have already mentioned, the restaurant and the spa zone are not available for children, but young people, aged 16 or over may use the relaxation zone.

Haffner Hotel – taking a bath in Sopot spa resort

Sopot – a city that never sleeps and is lively 24/7 – especially in the summertime. Monte Cassino boulevard is full of activity all the time, day or night. And yet, in all that bustle you can relax and recharge your batteries for the whole year. That is possible thanks to the proximity of the sea and beaches – the long coastline makes it possible to find a perfect spot for everyone. In the centre of this vibrant city there is a 5 star Haffner Hotel, a glamorous hideaway, to which you can escape from the outside world. That is wherea gourmet restaurant and a marvellous Spa zone waits for the visitors.

– Spa zone of Haffner Hotel offers a chance to relax in the sauna area, a hot tub or a swimming pool in the luxurious hotel scenery in the very heart of Sopot. A morning swim in the pool can fill you with energy for the entire day whereas an evening swim can help you to calm down before bedtime – says Marta Mazur, Spa manager of Haffner Hotel.

The swimming pool is available both for hotel guests and for walk-in visitors. The swimming pool is a pleasant attraction also for the youngest guests.

Mera Spa – a pool on the roof and the aqua zone

Mera Spa in Marriott Hotel is an exceptional place among our recommended locations, as it offers the swimming pool located on the roof. Just imagine being up there on a sunny afternoon, enjoying the view on the bay. Or better still – in the rays of the setting sun. The Infinity pool on the roof is only accessible for hotel guests, but there are other aquatic attractions there, open for the general public. The aqua zone of the hotel is available for everyone who wishes to visit.

– The definition of “premium” in our case is made up of several elements. First and foremost – cleanliness is our top priority. Another factor is the location of the pool and sauna area on 0 level of the building, with natural light coming in through high windows and from where our guests can access the garden . Talking about prestige we can’t forget to mention our Infinity pool on the hotel roof, from where there is a magnificent view on the bay – says Krzysztof Szkarłat, SPA Manager of Mera Spa. 

In the aqua zone there is an internal pool for kids. The adults may relax in the large pool or in the smaller one with special attractions – water cascades or underwater massaging units. If you need an ultimate relaxing experience, you can find it in one of four hot tubs, two of which are outside, on the terrace, located among the dunes (this area is open all year round).

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