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Pomeranian amber is considered a true gem not only for its history, but also for its miraculous effects it can have on your looks. In this article, we share some interesting amber facts about its composition, its effect on our bodies, and places that offer treatments with amber.

Amber extract found its way to the ingredient list of cosmetics for all parts of the body. It’s a well-known, natural antioxidant, speeds up cell regeneration, as well as regenerates skin and illuminates the skin. It’s no wonder that it became more than welcome in biotechnological research that focuses on improving the formulas of amber extract cosmetics. One of researchers, Izabela Ryska, who is a Gdynia-based biotechnologist and educator in the field of natural skincare, develops formulas of skincare creams. In 2017, she won the award in the 15th “Gdyński Biznesplan” (Gdynia’s Businessplan) competition. In 2018, together with a research team consisting of 5 members, she developed a formula for an amber extract facial cream. To learn more about her, be sure to visit her Facebook page and Instagram profile.

“People have been experiencing skin problems more and more often: dry, sensitive skin prone to allergies has become a common occurrence. Clients look for top-quality products, based on excellent ingredients. We’ve been observing a growing demand for natural cosmetics that have excellent moisturizing properties, and don’t induce skin inflammation. Customer awareness when it comes to reading product labels has increased greatly. This topic is widely discussed, people consciously look for natural products and avoid those that may contain harmful ingredients. One of the more interesting ingredients in natural cosmetics is the Baltic Sea amber extract, which has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-ageing properties. Amber extract cosmetics are perfect for mature and dry skin. It is also excellent for anyone who is struggling with acne. Applying such cosmetics allows us to improve the condition of our skin, moisturize it, smooth out wrinkles, as well as reduce acne and skin inflammation,” said Izabela Ryska, pharmaceutical biotechnologist, natural skin care educator, and developer of cosmetic formulas.

Pomeranian amber in cosmetic products

Amber is a desired ingredient for cosmetic products. Not only does it have an excellent effect on our skin, but also looks great, which without a doubt gives a marketing and sales leverage. There are two large cosmetics companies in Pomorskie that offer, among others, amber-based products.

Sopot-based Oceanic is one of the leading companies on the Polish cosmetics market. Many people know them for their anti-allergic AA products, as well as Long4lashes, Oillan, and for several years now – L’biotica. The portfolio of Oceanic also includes a group of products known as Polka – Bursztyn, which rejuvenates and energizes the skin. The series includes: cleansing, strengthening and toning micellar water, two types of face creams for day and night (smoothing + energy and moisturizing + vitality), a nourishing and illuminating face mask, and a moisturizing body lotion that improves skin firmness while restoring its velvety smoothness and elasticity.

Cosmetics with amber extract are also found in the offer of the Gdańsk-based Ziaja company, which has been on the market since 1989. The brand is oriented towards activities in line with ecology, and the ingredients used in their products are up to 99% of natural origin. The company offers a series of cosmetics under the name “Sopot”. It is in them that amber extracts are hidden, having not only a nurturing, but also bronzing effect. Among them are an anti-wrinkle bronzing cream, a relaxing bronzing cream and a relaxing bronzing lotion.

Pomeranian amber in SPA resorts

In search of amber relaxation, you should try putting yourself in the hands of professionals from time to time. Pomeranian SPAs offer amber rituals that will take the tension off of your body and lift your spirit. In search of blissful relaxation with a hint of amber in the background, we recommend choosing one of the following destinations.

Mera Spa Sopot is an atmospheric place that overlooks the sea. If you want to be treated with the utmost attention, get rid of all accumulated tensions and experience deep relaxation – choose one of the rituals offered there. We recommend the “Brilliance of Amber” ceremony for which the masseurs use exclusive cosmetics from the Amber Cosmetics line, demonstrating a deeply moisturizing, nourishing and firming effect. Such a treatment will give you a surge of energy, and an all-encompassing harmony that will calm your mind.

Amber treatments are also offered by the Wieniawa Hotel in Kashubia. The place is worth your attention for several reasons: an unbelievably charming, close to the forest and wilderness, which allows you to truly relax, some of the rooms located in a 19th century palace, which is a real treat for aficionados of history and interiors with a soul, and finally – a swimming pool and a rich SPA offer, where one of the recommended treatments is a full body massage with natural amber.

The Quadrille amber ritual is relaxation combined with cleansing and skin nourishment. During this ceremony, the skin is wrapped in a composition of natural algae, vegetable oils and amber extract. After the treatment, your body will be moisturized, nourished, silky smooth and flecked with amber powder, giving it a soft, sunny glow. We recommend that you stay here for a longer period of time, because the Quadrille Hotel is one of the most original and atmospheric places in Pomorskie. The hotel’s theme will take you on a journey through the world of magic, where together with Alice (the heroine of Lewis Carroll’s novel) you will find not only the “White Rabbit”, the hotel restaurant where we will taste delicious dishes, but also reach a state of deep relaxation in the hotel SPA.

An amber massage can also be found in the offer of the Bryza Hotel in Jurata. Massage with warm and cold amber will relieve nervous tension, improve mood and strengthen vitality. The hotel is located by the sea, so after the treatment we recommend taking a sunbath on the sandy beach.

The true power of amber can also be experienced during the “Baltic Ritual” at the Isolda SPA of the Tristan Hotel in Kąty Rybackie. The original ceremony includes a scrub with powdered amber, a body mask with purifying ghassoul clay, a regenerating face mask with algae, and a body massage with Baltic amber and golden argan oil.

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