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Participants assume the roles of medieval merchants who are supposed to pick up a precious amber stone and deliver it to a certain location at a specified time to Russian merchants who are travelling to the Italian town of Aquileia via the Amber Route. In order to reach the exchange spot, the participants need to solve riddles and locate contacts who are in possession of valuable pieces of information. The Lords of Amber street game received the Best Gdańsk Tourist Product Award in a contest organized by the Gdańsk Tourist Organisation. Depending on the set of tasks required to complete the game, it is addressed to both children (school groups) and adults (organized tours, team building events and corporate parties). In this urban game, the cityscape serves as the game board and people as the game pieces. Example route: Gdynia (Kościuszki Square—Manufaktura S & A—Train Station) + Gdańsk (Train Station—Old Town—Amber Museum—Ołowianka Island).


Fieldorfa 11/3, Gdańsk

Phone. +48 58 320 61 69

e-mail: joyevent@joyevent.pl


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