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The year is 2111. The place: Gdańsk, the former World Capital of Amber— It has been almost a year since the last, tiny bit of amber was found in the vicinity of Gdańsk. The authorities are helpless and no one can answer the question: where did all the amber go? Scientists work day and night to solve the mystery behind the disappearance of the Gold of the Baltic. You are a group of investigators hired to find the precious mineral. It is a race against time and you have to look for clues very carefully and meticulously analyze every single one of them not only to solve the riddle, but also locate all the amber before it disappears—forever. You start here, at the Amber Museum. The participants follow a path leading through different locations in Gdańsk. Their goal is to collect pieces of a map and amber nuggets, together with bits of information about the city’s history. After collecting all the pieces of the puzzle and assembling them, they obtain a map with the coordinates of the amber thieves. The players also answer questions to allow them to obtain additional nuggets. The team that gathers the greatest quantity of amber nuggets, wins.


Smolna 3A, Sopot
Phone. + 48 58 552 13 39
e-mail: teja@teja.com.pl

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