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The restaurant’s windows overlook the Baltic Sea. Next to local produce and the cutting-edge sous-vide cooking technology, it offers a special summertime Amber Menu. After every storm, amber catchers turn up at the entrance to the beach, next to the Smoke on the Water restaurant, wandering among the beautiful pines that grow around it. And since amber comes from resin, the chef, Rafał Niewiarowski, has introduced the pine taste into the local products, thus giving the dishes an amber-like uniqueness and character. Smoke on the Water does not have a fixed menu. This opens up the possibilities to compose new, seasonal dishes. The restaurant divides the year into six seasons, while the kitchen uses mostly what it can acquire from local manufacturers: goat cheese from Swołowo, Marylka cheese from Lubuczewo, meats from Starkowo, local wine from Głobino, Baltic Sea and local lake fish, etc. The restaurant serves wines from all over the world.


Chopina 9, Ustka

Phone. 739 432 403 / 661 432 403

e-mail: dymnawodzie.ustka@gmail.com


Chopina 9, Ustka

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