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The 1st Cranberry Festival focuses on promotion of one of the most important regional product – cranberries. First part of the festival is going to be filled by a science conference about the Kashubian cranberry and is going to take place in Kościerzyna on 12 September 2014. The idea is to encourage participants to broaden their knowledge of medical properties of cranberries, as well as introduces various methods of protecting these plant, such as preserving their habitats. The second part of the festival is an outdoor event, held on 13 September 2014 in Skorzewo near Kościerzyna with cranberries in the center of it, in various forms and shapes. The regional atmosphere of the event will be supported by traditional Kashubian music as well as tasting of Kashubian delicacies. The festival will be followed by a an artistic and cabaret performances connected with promotion of regional cranberry dishes. It is also a great opportunity to freely explore and experience Kashubian culture and tradition.

Date: September

Location: Kościerzyna, Skorzewo

“Kościerska Chata” Association
Gmina Kościerzyna
Office of the Marshal of the Pomorskie Vivodeship
Pomeranian Agricultural Advisory Centre in Gdańsk
Kościerzyna County
Józef Wybicki Cultural Center in Kościerzyna

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