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The With Amber through the Millennia exhibition shows amber’s role in nature and in human culture. The first amber exhibition in the post-WWII history of Poland, it introduces the origin of amber and its deposits, the ways to identify amber and different mineral types. On display are natural amber forms, unique varieties of Baltic amber (succinite), along with plant and animal inclusions. You can also follow the Amber Route and admire some of the archaeological finds it has yielded: amber artefacts and crafting tools. The oldest items in the collection date as far back as the Mesolithic Period (8000-4500 BCE). The exhibits are remarkable in their simplicity, fantastically creative and are the best testimony to the development of imagination, pursuit of beauty and the constant perfecting of amber handicraft throughout the ages. The exhibition concludes with the display of modern handicraft from the Gdańsk area.


Mariacka 25/26, Gdańsk

phone.: +48 58 32 22 100

e-mail: sekretariat@archeologia.pl


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