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Amber, jazz and architecture are – it would seem – concepts completely unsuited to each other. However, according to experts on the subject, amber jewelry may be just like microarchitecture, whose skilled arrangement becomes as fascinating as New Orleans jazz. You can find it out yourself in the Ambermoda gallery in Sopot.

Elektronos – that’s how ancient Greeks called amber. Although it couldn’t be determined scientifically and accurately at the time, they valued resin glands because those were soft and pleasant to the touch. It was only later that scientists discovered and described amber as negatively charged, and that’s what makes it exceptionally human-friendly.

Those who want to find out how enjoyable it may be to come into contact with amber should visit the Ambermoda gallery at Grunwaldzka Street 12-16 in the very centre of Sopot.

It’s an unusual place on the ‘amber map’ of the Tri-City. On the one hand, it is a gallery where you can admire unique amber goods. On the other hand – a shop where customers attracted to one-off necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and rings have a possibility to purchase them. That’s still not all because Ambermoda is also an amber workshop – jewelry and accessories sold here are made on site by skilled artisans under the supervision of Mariusz Gliwiński, the author and designer of all the works.

In the Ambermoda gallery we can find, among others, the Baltic amber. Its nuggets dating back to 40 million years ago are remarkably precious. The processing and ways of combining amber are virtually limitless – it is often admired when worn along with wood, gold, silver, precious stones, or leather.

Before jewelry items get to their lucky owners, however, they are first tested on the world’s catwalks. The gallery owner’s products are targeted at people with a little more sophisticated sense of esthetics and, let’s face it, well-off.

Mariusz Gliwiński’s works are living proof that jewelry is more than just decoration. The necklace can be an amulet which indicates a social, or a material status as well as religion. Hence, the ‘Constellations’ collection, which takes us straight to the stars thanks to dark, or even black ambers. The ‘Jazz’ collection presents amber in unusual combinations with wood, whereas the ‘Urban’, a series inspired by modern architecture of big cities, captures the gold of the North and silver in Plexiglas cubiforms.

Modernism and classics, simplicity blending with the richness of form and shape – products that can be found in Ambermoda are full of contradictions. We always feel, however, that they have been made deliberately and with incredible care. Customers are convinced by the uniqueness of goods – you won’t find two identical items of jewelry here.

The Ambermoda gallery is worth a visit even if only to come into contact with amber. The way Mariusz Gliwiński talks about amber makes you think it’s one of the most fascinating treasures of the world. Although beauty is a largely relative term, it can be defined just by the works featured in the gallery in Sopot.


ul. Grunwaldzka 12-16, Sopot

tel.: +48 501 414 900

e-mail: mg@ambermoda.com


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