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The exhibition shows the most interesting raw amber nuggets and inclusions from the private collection of the museum’s owner, who has been collecting specimens for more than 15 years and at one point decided to share them with the public. The collection is located in a newly constructed building, a reconstruction of a traditional arcade house of the Żuławy region. The location is not accidental—arcade house architecture is the owner’s second passion. Visit the museum to experience the collection of unique Baltic amber nuggets with insects and plants trapped inside, see a tree dripping with amber, an animal paw print, an amber-embedded pine needle and an imprint of tree bark from 50 million years ago. You can also learn about the history of the lost Amber Room and amber handicraft, as well as how to distinguish between fake amber and the real thing.


Gdańska 64, Stegna

phone.: +48 55 247 85 75

e-mail: wojciech.glodzik@gmail.com


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