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All of us at some point face the need of medical treatment. However, not everyone decides to take it abroad. It is in part because people fear anything that is new and unknown, but equally important is the common and untrue opinion that medical treatment outside your country is extremely expensive.

Being part of the European Union allows us to take up treatment in any chosen EU country and be reimbursed by our insurance company. If a given medical procedure is not covered by the insurance plan it is still worth considering – we can pay up to 70 per cent less for the treatment than we would have in our own country.

The famous and the unknown

Poland is becoming an increasingly popular destination of “medical journeys”. People from all over the world, including some of the most famous ones, come to Poland to take up treatment. Not long ago the American actor, director and film producer John Malkovich visited Poland to receive medical treatment. Polish clinics also attract actresses and models who successfully pursue international careers in Hollywood or Paris.

Obviously, Poland has become popular not without a reason, which is some of the world’s best specialists and extremely well-equipped clinics. These are the factors that encourage foreigners to pursue treatment here. How to convince those that are in doubt? Psychic comfort before, during and after the treatment is equally important to professionalism and experience. The patient needs to feel safe and needs to be provided with proper care. When deciding on a Polish-based treatment, they do not need to worry about language barrier and lack of understanding, as all employees of the clinics are fluent in different foreign languages. Doctors are aware of the fact that understanding the patient needs and expectations is key to a successful therapy. They strive to achieve this understanding on every plain of the diagnostic and therapeutic processes.

Treating sports injuries

Healthy and fit lifestyle is becoming more and more popular. Street marathons, water sports, horse racing and motor sports make people prone to different types of injuries. Medical centers in Pomorskie region that specialize in treating sports injuries have extremely well-equipped orthopaedic and neurosurgical wards, together with all rehabilitation facilities.

For young and old

Nowadays, infertility has become an increasing issue for many couples around the world. It is common knowledge that treating infertility is an expensive an complicated procedure. However, it is a little known fact that these costs can be greatly reduced, when taking the treatment abroad. Polish infertility clinics offer effective treatments with one of the highest percentage success rate in Europe.

It does not take a fortune teller to tell European demographic structure in ten years. European society is becoming older and the future looks bleak: it will get even worse. The clinics of Pomorskie region recognize the problem and provide full rehabilitation and care to the elderly. It is not necessary to undergo a complicated treatment to immediately relieve yourself from pain connected with spine ache or cardiac disorders. In many cases it is sufficient to take advantage of the clinics of Pomorskie region and undergo rehabilitation or conservative treatment. The elderly are especially taken care of in Polish hospitals and every step is taken that they feel at home. This helps achieve quicker recovery. Doctors treat all patients with kindness and, most importantly, with full professionalism.

Every single clinic in Pomorskie region has been founded in order to provide for those in need of specialized medical treatment. Our doctors will provide help to anyone requires it. Patients can rest assured – their well-being and even life rest in skilled hands.

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