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Devi Sri, Laksmi and Ambika are the three goddesses who are spiritual patronesses of Bali Hai SPA in the Dolina Charlotty complex in Słupsk. It’s a unique place, strongly inspired by the Balinese culture – not only the design elements were brought from the Indonesian island. Therapists who work in the SPA have learnt the art of massage straight from the masters of their picturesque country of origin.

When in the SPA in Dolina Charlotty, you are accompanied by a feeling of uniqueness from the very beginning. You are the guest who is being taken care of with the greatest deference. A smiling Asian therapist leads me down the hallway full of doors. Some of them are open – inside you can see rooms where various types of treatments are being performed. I get to a dark room, illuminated only by candles and discreet lamps. There is a very intimate atmosphere. Spice scent wafting in the air and a pervasive warmth make you feel relaxed the moment you cross the threshold.

The first step is to cleanse your skin – in order to do that I undergo a peeling treatment with the use of sea salt, which is extremely rich in microelements, and sugar with the addition of moisturizing and soothing oils. Organic sea salt is not the only reference to the region where we are. Some elements making you think of Pomorskie can also be found in biof – a high-quality algae extract that moisturizes and brightens up the body.

Peeling takes several dozen minutes (depending on the selected option). The therapist covers me with a warm towel and exposes only those parts of the body that are currently being massaged. First are the feet, then the calves, thighs, shoulders, neck, arms and hands including the fingertips. It seems to me that the therapist has a great sense of the human body – her movements are smooth and controlled, but sometimes she runs the peeling mixture harder, and that’s why I feel that my skin is getting smoother and healthier. Then the front part of the body is massaged, including the chest and abdomen.

After peeling I take a shower so that I can wash all the salt and sugar off me. The skin is perfectly smooth and fragrant – I feel fresh and sort of younger.

Now it’s time for Devi Sri goddess ritual. It’s a Balinese treatment performed on the whole body, and begins with the traditional greeting, i.e. the aromatic foot bath in a natural oil-flavored water with dried rose petals and salt. Therapist washes and massages my feet, and I’m starting to feel more and more relaxed. Then I lie down on a comfortable table and a Balinese woman starts the full body massage.

The main role of Balinese massage with spice oils is to make your body relaxed. The therapist uses not only her palms, but also her whole arms. When she ‘relaxes’ my back by putting her forearm in the right places and massages me down the spine, I can feel pleasant shivers. After only a few minutes all the tension that accumulated during a hard week of work recedes.

After the treatment I go to the relaxing living room where I can rest on the couch, drink some natural apple juice from the local producer from Ustka, and listen to the delicate sound of Balinese music. I feel like I’m drifting away wishing time stood still.

The Bali Hai SPA offer in Dolina Charlotty also includes, among others, massages with warm shells from the Pacific Ocean or a buffalo horn, body treatments with extracts from pearl, mint and aloe, as well as a care ritual with the use of 24-carat gold. Guests can use a swimming pool and jacuzzi too.


Strzelinko 14, Słupsk

phone.: + 48 59 847 43 00

e-mail: hotel@charlotta.pl


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