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Just 800 meters from the beach, in the picturesque Orłowo in Gdynia – that’s where Kuracyjny Hotel is located. A wide range of rehabilitation and care treatments as well as a broad array of spa rituals make you feel as good as new after the visit to the hotel.

Kuracyjny Hotel is primarily awide range of rehabilitation treatments. We will find here everything: hydrotherapy (power shower, covering shower, whirlpool massages), sonotherapy, phototherapy, kinesitherapy, and electrotherapy as well.

Cryosauna as a rheumatism cure

Cryotherapy treatments are carried out locally or in a cryosauna. It’s a characteristic ‘tube’ which surrounds the patient from the neck down, and that’s how it’s different from the popular cryogenic chamber (cryogenic chamber is a closed room). Treatment in a cryosauna takes about three minutes and is about cooling the body with liquid nitrogen. After the procedure, as prescribed, the body is warmed up by appropriately selected exercises. Cryosauna is widely used: it helps to treat rheumatoid arthritis, relieves spine pain and improves immunity.

Spine treatments and more

In Kuracyjny Hotel there’s a professional machine for scoliosis treatment by the FED method. It’s an innovative approach to the scoliosis treatment, which is gaining more and more followers worldwide. In Poland there are few machines of this type, and in Pomorskie we can count their number on the fingers of one hand.

The offer also includes gynecological rehabilitation which helps to fight an embarrassing problem of incontinence. Rehabilitation of this type is mainly about stimulating the abdominal muscles by exercise, electrostimulation and magnet therapy.

Pearls and hot punches

In addition to the rehabilitation room and the treatment part, there is also spa in the hotel. Specialists perform numerous treatments for the body, face, hands and feet. The offer is tempting as it includes, among others, slimming and relaxing hydrotherapy or pearl baths, massages with hot punches pantal luar or lomi lomi which are a comprehensive relaxing-curative-therapeutic ritual or an invigorating-remineralizing treatment.

Therapy with the use of energetic tones, which is also part of the offer, is useful for both rehabilitation and wellness. On the one hand, energy breaks down fat cells which are burnt off faster during the physical effort, on the other hand, the current flow through the body has an analgesic property and helps to alleviate, e.g. backaches.

Under the supervision of a doctor

You can use the treatments not only during one- or two-week stays but also occasionally depending on your needs. The treatment type is chosen by the doctors who oversee the rehabilitation process of their patients. Treatments themselves are performed by qualified physiotherapists, therapists and experts in the field of wellness.

Professionalism and comfort – these are characteristic of Kuracyjny Hote

Kuracyjny Hotel Aleja Zwycięstwa 255, Gdynia, Polska http://www.hotelkuracyjny.pl/ rezerwacja@hotelkuracyjny.pl + 48 58 670 40 00

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