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You shouldn’t give up on being fabulous and enjoying your favourite beauty treatments simply because it’s winter. Right now it’s the best time to look up the offers of top beauty centres in Pomorskie. Most of their offer of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology treatments are available, as well as the more demanding /invasive ones. They will help you keep in shape during those long, winter weeks.

We use laser technology

The upcoming winter months are the best time for laser facial treatments. This is what Aleksandra Pawłowska from Centrum Medyczne Dr Kubik (Dr Kubik Medical Centre) in Gdynia says about winter treatments:

“Our new combined therapy is the best solution in winter. It combines the Genesis laser with the Golden Touch laser dermabrasion treatments. The Genesis laser generates impulses that reach the mcrovasculature of the skin and stimulate the production of collagen. This, in turn, reduces wrinkles and scarring. The Golden Touch laser dermabrasion, on the other hand, aims at superficial exfoliation of the stratum corneum. Such a combination provides the best rejuvenating and refreshing effects for the skin.”

We combine facial and body treatments

“One of the most recommended body treatments, especially in winter, is the HI EMT Muscle Building, which is used in physiotherapy as well as body-sculpting treatments” , says dr. Magda Brona-Teżyk, owner of HomeClinic Różyny.

The HI-EMT device is equipped with 2 high-intensity applicators, the most powerful on the market. The electromagnetic  field that is generated in the applicators non-invasively penetrates clothes, skin, and adipose tissue. This triggers immensely intense muscle contractions.

The muscles contract more than 20,000 times during this 30-minute treatment. This stimulates its intense growth and reduces adipose tissue. It is recommended in waist and abdomen modelling, as well as in slimming and arm lifting treatments.

“What’s more, during such a relaxation session (as the treatment is completely painless), you can enjoy the Black Doll carbon peel, which helps in attaining fresh and healthy skin look. Or you can try the HIFU lifting facial treatment. Each of these treatments are painless, and there is no need for recuperation. Combined treatments enjoy popularity among our satisfied clients” , says dr. Magda Brona-Teżyk.

We don’t forget about hair

Winter weather, hats, and other headgear often causes hair to pick up static, as well as split ends. Also hair treatments, hair colouring, and sometimes even bad care and diet can cause hair to deteriorate. But we have a solution to your problem!

Mesotherapy is a treatment that will solve at least some of your problems. It involves injecting head skin with platelet-rich plasma or vitamin cocktails, and is used mainly as an effective remedy for hair loss.

However, if you’re not fond of injections, we have a special recommendation by Magdalena Modrzejewska, hair stylist and owner of ModrzejewskAcademy in Gdańsk. The special oxygen infusion treatment involves simultaneous injection into the scalp of highly-compressed oxygen and active ingredients that penetrate deep into the scalp. The effect of the therapy is, most importantly, reduced hair loss and healthy skin on your head.

Towards the end of the year, Pomorskie-based clinics will have switched to treatments dedicated specifically to banquets and events. These include thermolift treatments and needleless mesotherapy, or thread lift. All of the mentioned treatments produce immediate results and do not require you to give up your everyday life to recuperate. They will certainly make you feel beautiful on Christmas or New Year’s Eve, even if you are forced to stay at home with your families.

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