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Although the weather has been very capricious lately, it feels like summer is fast approaching. While waiting for the so-called bikini season it is worth taking care not only of your figure, but also the condition of your face body, and skin. Reducing your orange peel skin and preparing it for intense sunlight is still possible.

It has been agreed that many aesthetic procedures should not be carried out in spring or summer. Meanwhile, after winter, your skin needs regeneration, and our efforts to have a slim figure – need professional support. It turns out that it is not too late for many treatments, especially if you choose them correctly. So what treatments are possible in spring, in order to enjoy a much firmer and cellulite-free skin in just three months?

Time for combined therapies

The advantages of combined therapies over individual treatment methods have been discussed for a long time and for a good reason. Combining different treatments allows for more comprehensive, and effective results. This is perfectly visible in the figure modeling category, as confirmed by Marta Szarogroder, manager of the Lorenzo Coletti clinic in Słupsk and Gdańsk.

– The hit of every spring and summer are Icoone Laser and Endermologie LPG, brilliant solutions for people struggling with edema and cellulite, but it is worth remembering that regardless of the problem we face, combined therapies are most effective. It is advisable to combine endermomasure using Icoone or LPG with, for example, sonotermo lipolysis or cryolipolysis. The first technology will make the fight against cellulite twice as strong and at the same time will improve skin density, while the second will permanently remove fat cells in critical areas such as sides, thighs, arms and knees – says Marta Szarogroder.

Are combined therapies necessary if your goal is to reduce cellulite and shape your figure for the coming summer? Nothing could be more wrong. Modern technologies combine different methods of treatment, which can produce results that exceed expectations in many cases.

Exilis™ remodeling

There are obviously more ways to get rid of body fat and reduce the size of your hips and thighs. There is still time to take, for example, BTL Exilis™ device therapy, which is ideal for women who are afraid of painful and invasive procedures. It is able to reduce fat and cellulite and tighten the body at the same time. It is used on every area of the body, without pain, anesthesia or downtime after the treatment.

– The revolutionary non-invasive Exilis™ is the only non-invasive procedure, used for elimination of redundant fatty tissue and remodeling your body. It clearly reduces cellulite, improves skin firmness and elasticity. Thanks to innovative heads, we ensure maximum safety and full control of the treatment. The key benefit of Exilis is its ability to target focused RF with the ideal combination of heating and cooling to achieve the best cosmetic outcome. Exilis™ is the fastest remodeling device available on the market – explains Sandra Ruszkowska, cosmetologist and Secret Avenue salon manager in Gdańsk.

Exilis™ provides a perfect treatment method to fight cellulite, and be completed before summertime. As Sandra Ruszkowska says, 4 to 6 comfortable treatment sessions taken every 7 to 10 days, are needed to redefine your appearance.

High time to take care of your skin condition

Preparations for the bikini season should not end with body shaping and fighting cellulite. Equally important is your skin condition, especially if you intend to go sunbathing in summer. You need to get ready for that, and not only in order to protect yourself from the effects of excessive exposure to UV radiation. If you do not regenerate your skin after winter, it will not tolerate even a moderate dose of sun. After the hot season it is dehydrated which results in the loss of firmness and a gray skin tone. How to strengthen the skin of the face and body with aesthetic treatments, so that it is better prepared for increased solar radiation?

– It is advisable to start with refreshing your skin, peeling off the hard layer of the epidermis, which will facilitate the active ingredients’ skin penetration. All kinds of exfoliation products with acids, suitable for the type of complexion, will be helpful here (we particularly love those with vitamin C acid), or oxybrasion (water-oxygen dermabrasion), which also oxygenates and hydrates the skin. The next stage includes strong moisturizing and nourishing – says Marta Socha-Kilanowska, cosmetologist from Balola beauty salon in Sopot.

Appropriate body remodeling and moisturizing treatments will increase your comfort in more than one situation. Great condition of your skin will make you put on your swimsuit without hesitation, take full advantage of the sun and enjoy the bikini season as much as possible.

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