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Interest in body wellness treatments has exceeded the industry’s expectations. This means that summer is just around the corner. After all, it is at the turn of the season that we tend to notice more of the cellulite, flaccid skin, fat tissue, lack of muscle strength, and all the other things that come with that. Fortunately, new technologies used by cosmetologists and aesthetic doctors provide a quick and almost painless solution to any of the above-mentioned problems. This is largely thanks to combination therapies that, as it happens, are widely available in clinics across the Pomorskie region.

How to get rid of body fat?

What usually bothers us the most is localized fat tissue, especially around thighs, belly, and buttocks. So, when looking for a body treatment, we have to focus on technologies that allow for non-invasive reduction of fatty tissue. One of the best solutions is the ONDA device, which operates on the so-called Coolwaves™ that heat up the adipose tissue and cause cell membranes to rupture, effectively causing the adipocytes (fat cells) to die.  The ONDA device uses two transducers. One works deeper within the fatty tissue, and the other — on the surface, which helps reduce cellulite.

The ONDA treatment is painless, although you will feel some heat. Thanks to the cooling system of the applicator tips, the entire procedure does not cause discomfort. Although the technology mainly reduces abdominal flaccidity, it can also help with reducing fat in other problematic areas. If you’re preparing for the bikini season and wondering how to reduce thigh or belly fat, the ONDA treatment is the one you should ask for in the first place.

Where to find the ONDA treatment?


MEDYCYNA ESTETYCZNA DR MARCIN NOWAK in Gdańsk www.drmarcinnowak.pl

How to prepare your abdominal muscles for the summer?

Is removing belly fat the only thing you can achieve? If someone says yes, then they most probably haven’t heard of the SCHWARZA technology. By utilizing electromagnetic field, the device allows to choose a proper programme that will not only allow for fatty tissue reduction, but also build up belly muscle tension. It can painlessly stimulate up to 60,000 muscle contractions during one session, effectively leading to its rapid reconstruction. In this way, the SCHWARZA treatments not only help flatten the belly, but sometimes also shape the waist.

Fot. Schwarzy_Diamond_Beauty, Zatoka Piękna

Such effects are only possible because the electromagnetic fields reaches deeper than only superficial muscles. The technology also helps in modelling of thighs and buttocks. If this weren’t enough, the device uses an electromagnetic field of 2.5 Tesla, a tremendous force, which is painless and safe, yet noticeable during muscle stimulation.

Where to find the SCHWARZA treatment?

INSTYTUT URODY DIAMOND BEAUTY in Pruszcz Gdański https: www.diamond-beauty.pl

MEDYCYNA ESTETYCZNA DR MARCIN NOWAK in Gdańsk www.drmarcinnowak.pl

How to slim your figure and smooth your skin?

Among one of the evergreen treatments is the LPG Alliance endermologie®, a vacuum massage for figure modelling and fatty tissue reduction. A series of three half-hour treatments is sufficient to achieve the effects of fat and cellulite reduction and skin firming. The technology allows for a non-invasive intensive tissue massage and increased cell metabolism, which leads to the release of fat and smoothing of the skin.

LPG Alliance endermologie® is excellent in combating excess fatty tissue, but it also helps in regenerating skin tissue. Moreover, it can be complementary to liposuction procedures, as intense tissue massage gets rid of any obstructions and lymph reserves. Its popularity stems not only from the visible effects. Such intense massage is a comfortable procedure for the patient. Of course, the device allows massaging particular areas of skin folds, but through a special costume that alleviates any pain or discomfort.

Where to find LPG Alliance endermologie®?

SECRET AVENUE in Gdańsk www.secret-avenue.pl

CENTRUM MEDYCZNE DR KUBIK in Gdynia  www.drkubik.pl

KLINIKA KOSMA w Bytowie http://klinikakosma.pl/

How to painlessly get rid of cellulite?

Women are most concerned about cellulite, which is difficult to remove. Although many effective technologies have appeared on the market to deal with the problem, only one of them works at a depth of as much as 5 cm. The STORZ Medical shock wave not only reduces localized fatty tissue, but above all fights more intense, advanced cellulite. The innovative STORZ Medical treatment with a deep-reaching acoustic wave is even referred to as the “orange-peel skin slayer”.

The STORZ Medical acoustic wave treatment takes several dozen minutes and, depending on the severity of the problem, is repeated in a series of 3 to 12 procedures. Although the whole thing is painless, the shock wave gives spectacular results in reducing even fibrous cellulite. Using a different head, the treatment also allows to increase the lymph flow and thus reduce, for example, swelling of the limbs. The results of the treatment also include a reduction in scars and stretch marks. As the technology stimulates cells to natural regeneration, it is also possible to eliminate skin flabbiness.

Where to take the STORZ Medical treatment?

CENTRUM MEDYCZNE DR KUBIK in Gdynia www.drkubik.pl

KLINIKA KOSMA in Bytów www.klinikakosma.pl

Combination therapy for body wellness

Summer is just around the corner, so if you are planning your next body treatment, think not only about quick, but also about spectacular effects. The easiest way is through combined therapies, which work more comprehensively and provide results that last for a long time. One idea is, for example, to combine the ONDA and SCHWARZA technologies, which work well in body shaping. They can be used during a single treatment, as the former releases fatty acids, while Schwarza accelerates fat tissue metabolism. The therapy not only makes it easier to keep the silhouette in good shape, but it also complements perfectly physical activity.

Complex effects result from the combination of Endermologie LPG Alliance and STORZ Medical treatments. While the former will facilitate body shaping, the latter will help reduce cellulite. What is more, this combination shortens the entire series of treatments. The reduction of local obesity with STORZ Medical and the smoothing of cellulite and reduction of fat tissue with LPG Alliance technology make it possible to achieve the intended results with fewer repetitions.

The fashion for combined therapies isn’t ungrounded — it’s the easiest way to achieve not only the intended results, but it also means achieving them faster. Above all, the effects are permanent. This is what we should care about, so that time and money spent on treatments do not turn out to be just a whim, but a sound and long-term investment in appearance and well-being.

To find out more about combined therapies, visit www.zatokapiekna.pl

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