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Golf is a beautiful family sports discipline and it can be practised by entire generations – argue fans of this old British sport. Although Poland is still building its golf tradition, Pomorskie is increasingly beginning to stand out on the European map of golf courses. That’s all thanks to, among others, Sierra Golf Club, a real golf gem on the map of the Northern Poland.

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Sierra Golf Club in Pętkowice near Wejherowo is located in the protected area of the Tricity Landscape Park, just half-an-hour drive from Gdynia and about an hour drive from Hel. It’s an oasis of peace, by many called a park, where nature plays an equally important role as sport. You’ll find here more than 11 thousand selected species of trees, shrubs and flowers. The grass in the whole area is mowed on six different lengths. Thanks to a modern irrigation system, the whole surface is intensely green all year round. The complex covers an area of ​​80 hectares, and owing to its diversified land (and consequently the level of difficulty of the game) as well as its landscape, it’s appreciated by seasoned golfers from all over the world.

Enthusiasts of the old British sports have access to an 18-hole par 72 tournament course. Before you start the game it’s worth visiting the driving range with 26 roofed stands as well as the putting and chipping area where you can practice, among others, longer and shorter strokes.

Fot. Materiały www.sierragolf.pl

In September 2015 Sierra Golf Club will also offer a 9-hole Golf Academy, which is intended mainly for training and group skills development not only for beginners, children and youth, but also for people who already play golf.

Fot. Materiały www.sierragolf.pl

Club House is the focal point of the golf club. It’s a place where you can rest after training or socialize with others. You’ll find here a restaurant serving Polish and Mediterranean dishes, a bar, a billiards room as well as a fireplace, which creates an even more refined, but homely atmosphere in this furnished the English fashion complex. The Club House is connected with a large terrace, from which you can watch golfers playing and admire the surrounding landscapes.

Golfers move on the course by comfortable modern golf carts equipped with GPS and a wireless communication system. Thanks to that it’s very easy to check the current weather forecast and, e.g. order a meal to anywhere on the course.

The club near Wejherowo is a place of numerous prestigious golf competitions, both the Polish Championships and international ones. In July 2015 there was held the third edition of the professional tournament Lotus Polish Open, in which participated 93 golfers from 17 countries (Europe and the USA). In 2014 there were played Senior Team European Championships for men, in which took part 20 teams from all over Europe. In turn, for the next year there is scheduled another big event, this time for women, i.e. Senior Team European Championships.

It should be noted, however, that the offer of Sierra Golf Club is intended not only for experienced golfers. Both professionals and amateurs who have just started their golf adventure can play on the course.

Moreover, Sierra Golf Club is not only about pure sports attractions. The complex has extensive restaurant and hotel facilities (guests have access to suites), which makes it a great place for business, corporate and integration meetings.

Although the golf club operates throughout the year, it’s impossible to play on the course during heavy frost and snow in winter. In such situations training possibilities are ensured by professional simulators, which can be found in the basement of the Club House. Owing to that you can develop your passion for golf all year long, regardless of the capricious weather.

Golf is a sport that teaches patience and accuracy. In turn, Sierra Golf Club is a wonderful oasis providing a form of escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, and at the same time offering a sports experience as well as a soothing meeting with nature. It’s a tempting combination indeed.


– An family package (unlimited golfing) 9 000 PLN per year

– Green Fee (one-time golfing) 250 – 300 PLN per person

– Golf Academy (unlimited), 60 PLN per day

– Classes with a trainer 100 – 120 PLN

Sierra Golf Resort Pętkowice, Wejherowo County, Polska https://sierragolf.pl/ sierragolf@sierragolf.pl +48 608 755 255

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