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Summer is over and although we will probably soon start yearning for warm and sunny afternoons, it is much easier to take care of your skin in autumn. You can now include aesthetic treatments in schedule that due to the holiday period you postponed, or ones that will bring relief to damaged and dried skin summer skin. Which treatments are worth trying out in the coming months? Before you is a selection of new treatments that are worth paying attention to when making an appointment at Pomorskie-based clinics.

Innofacial Hydrogen Treatment

Cleansing, moisturising and pain-free. Our number one among autumn treatments is the Innofacial Hydrogen Treatment at ReNew Institute in Słupsk. The treatment combines the advantages of hydradermabrasion, delicate chemical peeling and tissue conditioning that provides deep cleansing of the skin and tissue nutrition. The technology, by combining water microdermabrasion, peeling and regenerative masks, refreshes the skin instantly. By stimulating microcirculation it restores its young look.

Treatments in pomorskie clinics

The effects of hydrogen purification of the skin can be seen after just one treatment, and after six repetitions they are spectacular. The Innofacial treatment provides the skin with youthful hydration, restores its shine, evens out the colour, reduces acne changes, smooths fine lines and regulates sebum production. In addition, it is a safe treatment without any side effects like skin irritation or dryness. This makes it an ideal way for post-holiday regeneration, without any punctures and intensive chemical peelings that could cause discomfort.

Endoscopic lifting and laser lipolysis

Autumn is also a good time for face and silhouette modelling. This is why the next items on our list of treatments worth checking are: endoscopic lifting and laser lipolysis performed in the Gdańsk-based clinic, Medycyna Estetyczna Dr. Marcin Nowak (Aesthetic Medicine Dr. Marcin Nowak). The undoubted advantage of this procedure is the fact that the intended effect is achieved after one treatment. Endolift performed under gentle local anaesthesia ensures skin firmness, lifting and reduction of fat tissue. It allows to eliminate chubby cheeks, bags under the eyes or the second chin in a painless way.

The laser used during the treatment simultaneously destroys locally accumulated fat and stimulates the production of collagen. It immediately leads to shrinking of collagen fibres and tightening of the skin structure, and superficial lipolysis, i.e. destruction of fat cells, allows to get rid of even excess fat tissue in the area of arms, stomach and thighs. The technology is therefore also successfully used in body shaping, and the fact that there is no need to repeat the treatments is a sufficient incentive to test them on yourself.

The CORRECTIVE treatment with Botox-like effect

Sometimes what you need is a one-off treatment. Something that would immediately improve the appearance of the skin before an important event. In such a situation, we recommend the innovative CORRECTIVE Skeyndor treatment with skin examination at Babiana. Kosmetologia. Genokosmetyka (Babiana. Cosmetology. Genocosmetics) in Gdańsk. The treatment is preceded by a skin condition test, during which the levels of hydration, impurities, pore size and pore depth are assessed. The procedure itself begins with a peeling in the form of an exfoliating mask, followed by the application of an anti-wrinkle concentrate and a polysaccharide face mask with caviar, and finally the application of an occlusal algae mask.

– The procedure contains special active ingredients – dermo lifting peptides. These are substances that provide an intensive and lasting relaxing effect, because they imitate the effect of Botox. Selected peptides loosen neural connections between wrinkle and muscle. In addition, the treatment also utilises low molecular weight hyaluronic acid combined with natural hydrocolloids, thus increasing the filling of superficial skin layers – says Magdalena Klimaszewska, a cosmetologist from Babiana. Kosmetologia. Genokosmetyka The CORRECTIVE treatment perfectly copes with wrinkles and facial lines, which it smooths without using any needles or medical devices.

Treatments in pomorskie clinics

With such treatments you will surely restore your skin to its pre-summer state and take good care of it in the autumn-winter season.

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