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Looking to relax? Floating session or a good massage? You’ll find all of this at the Five Senses float spa at Garnizon in Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz. The place offers a holistic approach to wellness. In Five Senses float spa you will calm your body and mind in an instan. And you will be back for more.

Today, a moment of relaxation is worth every penny. Considering that excess stimuli accompany us every day, sometimes you just need the help of professionals. Imagine comprehensive and professional service that awaits you. Where to find it? In Gdańsk, at 4 Norwida Street („Garnizon” Housing Estate) in Five Senses float spa.

Floating like meditation

You must have certainly heard of floating, which is a one-man sensory deprivation cabin where a person floats on the water, which puts them in a state of deep relaxation and safety… like in the mother’s womb. This is an environment where you can break away from all stimuli and achieve psychophysical balance. And most importantly, it works for everyone.

What is floating all about? The water in the cabin is enriched with lots of Epsom salt, rich in magnesium, copper and sulphur. Thanks to it, our body floats on the water surface making us feel as if in zero gravity. Thanks to these three elements, water is ideal for skin and hair care, regeneration of the body, as well as for dealing with such ailments as joint aches. Each time, as much as 34% of the stress hormone, i.e. cortisol, is removed from our bodies. There are many more benefits, and the team from Five Senses float spa is happy to tell you about them.

– Floating helps us to quickly enter the state of meditation. It is best to focus on your breath – it is an easy and pleasant mindfullness method. After a while we can hear and feel the beat of our heart. It is not always easy, it is due to our body being overstimulated. There are people who enter for the first time and immediately “float away”, and there are those who find it difficult to control their thoughts. We recommend to float in silence, although there is of course an opportunity to relax to the sounds of music – says Karol Nowiński, owner of Five Senses.

Each session lasts one hour. This is the optimal time for us to tame any astray thoughts. If you don’t reach a state of focus the first time – don’t be discouraged. It is a feedback from your body that says you are accompanied by an excess of stimuli and should continue to practice. For your health. With floating, like with any type meditation or yoga – you have to give yourself time. Relaxation will perhaps come during the first, second or third session.

In Five Senses we have 2 floating booths, located in the so-called float rooms. Each of them is a private room, equipped with a shower, toilet, mirror, water supply and fresh towels. The room provides 100% intimacy. When you enter it, no one will bother you. You don’t have to prepare yourself for floating. And you don’t have to take anything with you. The staff will provide you with all the necessary floating equipment. After you enter the cabin, you have complete control over the intensity of light and music, all using simple buttons. The cabin door can be closed – which is recommended, but at any time with a gentle push you can open it. The treatment costs 130 PLN per session, but the price can be reduced to 99 PLN per treatment by purchasing a pass.

Personalised massage session as a supplement to floating

Five Senses float spa is the only place in Gdańsk where floating service is combined with massage therapy. And it is worth noting that combining the two can work wonders. After an hour of floating, your body is relaxed and perfectly prepared for massage.

The owners of Five Senses float spa are Patryk and Karol, who have worked as massage therapists for 7 years, among others at the Hilton Hotel SPA. Over the years, they have managed to develop an original massage technique that helps restore fitness, vitality and wellbeing. It is also the most popular among their clients. But of course this is not all. In Five Senses float spa you can also choose from a variety of massages: for back pains, face and head massage, ones using hot Stones or aromatic candle and a classic one . In addition, the offer also includes beauty treatments such as scrubs.

– For the last 7 years, apart from working together at the Hilton, each of us has worked in different places with different therapists. We have learned a lot from this experience, which resulted in an original massage technique. It is an experience full of stretching and compressions, ending with a face and head massage. Each client receives an individual approach – says Patryk Sidor, owner of Five Senses.

There are 3 massage beds altogether, so you can visit Five Senses in a larger group. The spa has a team of 8 professionals, which allows you to use the services 7 days a week. And if you don’t have an idea for a gift for a loved one, your employees or contractors, you can purchase a gift voucherthat will certainly bring much joy to the recipient.

Five Senses float spa Norwida 4, Gdańsk, Polska https://fivesenses.pl/ info@fivesenses.pl +48 517 406 279

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