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Amber Hammam SPA in Gdańsk is a place where the magical power of amber is combined with Hammam – the oriental method of body cleansing. It’s a luxurious amber health SPA, where you can regenerate your body and soul during one of the many nurturing, cleansing and healing treatments.

Dr. Monika Rymaszewska is the creator of this exceptional place. Thanks to her, you will experience extraordinary rituals, including those that combine the cleansing Hammam treatment with amber, mud, honey and natural oil care.. You will unwind in the steam bath, rejuvenate your face with the help of Kobido massage, surrender yourself to the hands of a physiotherapist who will perform a therapeutic massage and even create your own nurturing ritual. You will feel light and serene, boost your immunity, cleanse your body and mind, your skin will become beautiful and silky. It’s worth noting that massages and treatments take place on heated stone tables that have a therapeutic effect on the entire body.

Amber Hammam Bernarda Chrzanowskiego 11, Gdańsk, Polska https://www.amberhammam.com recepcja@amberhammam.com +48 517 192 096

We would like to take care of the health and well-being of our visitors by taking advantage of the natural amber’s healing properties in the very heart of the region that is so rich in this amazing resource  – says Dr. Monika Rymaszewska.

Amber SPA in Gdańsk – an extraordinary place for body and spirit

Amber attracts like a magnet with its beauty and rich history. It has health-promoting and anti-bacterial properties – reduces stress, decreases inflammation, alleviates pain and muscle cramps, strengthens the immune system, improves the condition of skin and hair, positively influences our mood. Obviously, at the Amber Hammam SPA, amber plays a leading role. We recommend trying, for example, the Healing Amber Ritual, which starts with a session in the steam bath and ends in the Relaxation Room with a cup of delicious Turkish tea. This multi-stage ritual will provide you with a powerful dose of relaxation and hydration. It’s also worth experiencing the quick cleansing treatment, Amber Fix, after which your skin will be exceptionally smooth and soft.

The Hammam Ritual – discover the power of deep purification

The Hammam Ritual is an important item on the list of treatments available at Amber Hammam Spa. It relaxes, rejuvenates, improves physical condition, strengthens the immune system and enhances mood. It consists of 4 stages, preceded by a visit to the steam bath: a soap foam massage and gentle pouring of warm water, a deep scrub, skin cleansing and relaxation massage. The ritual concludes in the Relaxation Zone with a glass of Turkish tea and a traditional treat. At Amber Hammam Spa, you can choose between one of the three Hammam rituals: Turkish, Moroccan and Amber. The latter is a true gem on the list of treatments, as the ritual is performed using amber oils, therapeutic amber tincture and warm amber pouches. All of this in an environment filled with the scent of amber incense and soothing music.

Amber Hammam Spa in Gdańsk is an exceptional place where you can benefit from skills of experienced massage therapists and physiotherapists, who will help you relax your body and quiet your mind.

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