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Not only dentistry, but a comprehensive approach to smile aesthetics. This is a goal that most modern dental clinics set for themselves. Among them, there is the Nowe Orłowo Dental Clinic, founded three years ago. They combine individual approach to the patient with a clear treatment plan, new technologies and friendly interior. The team of Zatoka Piękna learned about the details of their work during our visit there. See for yourself whether it is clinic you can trust? In our opinion, yes!

The patient in the hands of the whole team

Nowe Orłowo Dental Clinic in Gdynia was established three years ago and since then has consistently pursued its goal: to take care of its patients’ beautiful smile by using the most modern methods of treatment and providing comfort and safety. Each patient is approached individually. During he first consultation visit, the clinic staff gets to know needs and expectations of each person and present them with a detailed treatment plan. Its implementation is the responsibility of a dedicated patient companion.

The team consists of 9 dentists, each of them specialising in a different field of dentistry, one dental hygienist and five assistants. – What makes us stand out of the crowd is the fact that almost every treatment is conducted interdisciplinary by the entire staff, not by a single doctor. This is huge advantage for the quality of treatment. By concentrating on a particular procedure, our specialists does not have to focus on all areas of dentistry. Instead, they are able execute perfect delivery in one field, thus providing the patient with the best treatment effects – says dr. Agata Pilipiec, head of the medical team and the main diagnostician at Nowe Orłowo Dental Clinic.

Top-quality components used on a daily basis ensure long-term, near-perfect effects. – During advanced implantology we use a computer navigation technique, creating a surgical templates that help us perfectly align implants. In addition,, we co-operate with the best prosthetic laboratories in Poland – adds dr. Agata Pilipiec.

The latest technologies are used here in every stage of the treatment. All three offices are equipped with modern treatment units, high-resolution intraoral cameras, and microscopes. Most importantly, the clinic is equipped with the latest generation of radiological equipment, which emits the minimum dose of radiation and provides safety during diagnosis.

From accurate diagnosis to Digital Smile Design

Nowe Orłowo Dental Clinic specialises in reconstruction of full masticatory system. This is why it comprises specialists in the areas of implantology, prosthetics, orthodontics, endodontics, conservative dentistry and paediatric dentistry. The greatest attention is paid to meticulously diagnosing the patients. – We do not focus on the symptoms, but on the causes of health problems, effectively solving them. After the diagnosis we begin to create a comprehensive treatment plan that we carefully consult – explains dr. Agata Pilipiec.

Another important element of everyday operations is dental photography, used in communication with the patient and dental laboratory. – We us images to pass on information regarding colour, shape, and texture of teeth. The technician responsible for a supplement can see how the patient looks like and “adjust” the smile to individual facial features. Through the use of professional photographic equipment, each of our restorations is perfectly matched to the rest of the dentition – explains the doctor.

Dr. Agata Pilipiec also mentions that the facility utilises DSD technology: the Digital Smile Design. – This is a program through which we create visualisations of smile. The patient can see how their smile will look like before starting his treatment. The technology is known from well-established facilities that specialise in cosmetic dentistry. When combined with top-notch service, attentiveness and professionalism, it attracts foreign patients.

The Dental Travelling service offered by the clinic is a step forward towards patients who would like to combine dental treatment with a stay in the Tri-City. The English-speaking team of professionals are there for you, and patients from the UK can count on post-operative care in a clinic in Southampton. High standard of treatment is, of course, the biggest incentive that has made the facility trustworthy among patients from both Poland, and abroad.

Nowe Orłowo Dental Clinic Aleja Zwycięstwa 237/6, Orłowo, Gdynia, Polska https://noweorlowodent.pl/ klinika@noweorlowodent.pl +48 531 350 000

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