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Are you familiar with Krokowa? This small town in the district of Puck is a place well-worth of a weekend trip. Explore the history of this village, visit the historic parish church of st. Catherine of Alexandria, as well as the palace of the von Krockow family (learn of the fascinating history of this family), with a restaurant that is located there. Take a stroll through the beautiful gardens that surround the palace. You will get to know the entire history in the museum located in the palace, and the exhibits (including a set of cutlery, night dress, plates, and a lot of photographs) will let you experience castle life.

A simple walk around the rooms of the castle in Krokowa makes it easy to feel the atmosphere of the past. Each room is meticulously decorated to remind us that we’re in a castle, there is no place for randomness. The ancient floor creaks mysteriously, warm lamplight flickers, illuminating the walls with old photographs depicting members of the von Krockow family, and the castle itself. Sit down on a couch, order hot chocolate, relax and enjoy the magic that lingers in the air. Some snow would be nice, maybe there will be some in Krokowa in December?

Seasonal menu in Krokowa Restaurant

And if you get hungry, you should go to the restaurant, where head chef Ryszard Okoń, fascinated with traditional Polish and Kashubian cuisine, conjures up dishes worthy of Krokowa castle.

I visited while autumn slowly passed into winter. I was greeted by seasonal menu with its delicious pumpkin soup.

For the second course I had delicate cheeks that melted in my mouth, potato puree with a hint of horseradish, and caramelised carrots that added sweetness to the entire course.

It was elegant and exquisite, with quiet music in the background. I got the impression that the night dress of countess von Krockow will rustle among the tables at any moment. I imagine that the dishes that were served to me could have been part of the menu of this aristocratic family. And the dessert, delicate panna cotta, could have as well been introduced in the past as an Italian novelty brought from the voyages by the head chef.

The menu in Krokowa restaurant comprises mainly Polish cuisine, in which the head chef specialises, but there are also several classic dishes from European cuisine to be found. The restaurant menu is rich in venison, fish and birds, everything comes from local suppliers and manufacturers. The head chef makes sure to cook according to the principles of seasonality, using only fresh ingredients. In his cooking, he focuses on traditional recipes from Pomorskie Reigon, but also draws from recipes passed on by oral tradition, as well as ones taken from old cookbooks.

Back to the present. It is worth mentioning that the aside from the regular menu, the restaurant guests can enjoy seasonal inserts. During the holiday season, the chef evokes festive flavours, offering mushroom soup with noodles and duck breast in oranges with cabbage and raisins. And if you feel like having the panna cotta straight from Krokowa restaurant, I have good news: it’s in the seasonal menu for you. In December, the head chef serves it with gingerbread sauce!


Zamkowa 1, Krokowa

phone.: +48 58 774 21 11

e-mail: recepcja@zamekkrokowa.pl


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