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Located several hundred meters from the beach in Ustka, the majestic Grand Lubicz Hotel certainly looks impressive. It is a place that will allow us not only to rest, but also shape up and improve our health. Natural brine baths and mud poultices make it one of the most important places on the Polish map of SPAs. And balneotherapy is only one of many assets of this magnificent center.

Although it was opened only in October, 2014, the five-star Grand Lubicz Hotel has already become a recognizable brand. It is a first-rate complex that will fulfill the needs of even the most demanding gusts. It is family-friendly and, by design, offers a wide range of treatments.

The SPA part of the hotel houses diagnostic and treatment clinics that offer several dozen different medical treatments.

The ground floor of the SPA part houses mainly wet treatment facilities. There are 11 baths, eight whirlpool baths for lower and upper limbs and two for abdominal area, as well as hydrotherapy room with Scottish douche.

Balneotherapy in Grand Lubicz is, most of all, mud baths that rejuvenate the organism, brine baths, perfect for circulatory and nervous systems, mud poultices and fango poultices, which use mud obtained from hot springs that is extremely rich in minerals. Another interesting suggestion is carbonic acid bath that effectively lowers blood pressure, and pearl bath, recommended for all who suffer from sleep deprivation and want to get rid of excess weight or cellulite.

The medical section of the hotel also offers a wide range of physiotherapeutic treatments. Aside from medical massages, such as isometric massage or classical massage used in treating sciatica, after consultation the doctor can prescribe magnetotherapy, nitrogen cryotherapy, TENS or laser therapy treatments.

For people dealing with respiratory system issues brine, eucalyptus or pine oil inhalations are available. The offer also includes dry bath in a special machine, where CO2 or ozone help soothe pain, lower blood pressure and speeds up wound healing.

The pool section of Gran Lubicz is a two-level water park. The second floor houses internal and external brine pools. Currently, the water is artificially salted, but in the second half of summer, 2015, only water from brine well will be used here. Soothing music coming from underwater speakers and bio fireplace turned on every day further help to relax.

The ground floor is a paradise for all amateurs of bathing: three types of hot tubs, recreational pool with couches and countercurrents, pediluve with warm water for children, 25-meter sports pool and 75-meter water slide full of multimedia attractions.

From the pools, we can proceed directly to the kingdom of sauna. Choose from dry biosauna, infrared cabin and steam sauna.

The SPA section of the complex offers beauty and relaxation treatments.

Grand Lubicz SPA provides a wide range of cleansing, brightening, moisturizing and exfoliating treatments, as well as peelings, body rituals, spa baths and massage sessions (also couples massage, performed in interiors designed especially to suit the needs of two).

The youngest customers are also taken care of. Kids will not only be able to enjoy the swimming pool or jungle gym, but also use the SPA offer that has been created for them. It includes chocolate body massage and colorful bubble bath in a hot tub.

After receiving the treatments, you can rest in a salt grotto with a graduation tower and mist-producing salt inhaler that will make the spa experience even more pleasant.

Those that enjoy active lifestyle will have one of few chances in Poland to try a game called cube ball, which is good news for all football fans. Tennis and squash courts, bowling alley and fitness room are also located within the complex’s premises.

The most important thing, however, is that all that is just a few steps from the picturesque beach with view on the lovely Baltic Sea.

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