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Hectic pace of life, constant stress and big city noise that accompany us in our everyday lives encourage searching for new ways of regaining balance between the body and soul. Professional beauty salons – SPAs – come to the rescue, fully utilizing nature’s potential.

The choice of SPA centers in Pomorskie is extremely rich, with hotels and beauty salons outdoing each other in terms of creating new treatments that utilize what can be found on the seabed. Diverse menu and high standard of the offered services attract people who crave contact with amber, genuine algae, beach sand and natural iodine to come to the Baltic Sea. You may find interesting that the region’s spa centers are among the best in Poland, due to unconventional caring practices, specialization in particular branches of aesthetic medicine, as well as competitive prices. Regardless of whether located in the heart of the city or pristine Kashubian countryside, all of them without exception tempt with the promise of fulfilling the dreams of beauty, relaxation and professional care.

Tricity offers numerous SPA centers of different size that offer many different kinds of medical and beauty treatments. Among the most popular ones are various massage treatments – the real winners among the therapies. You can have every part of your body massaged: face, neck, chest. Reflexology, a scientifically sound medical treatment that involves applying pressure to feet and hands, is also gaining popularity. Therapeutic touch is a well-known method of improving blood circulation, skin look, as well as reducing muscle tension. It should come as no surprise that many people decide on a full body massage that, in combination with essential oils, aroma- and chromotherapy also becomes a “massage for the soul”.

The natural resources of Pomorskie allows for continuous development of the offer by wellness centers. In summer we are more likely to take advantage of hydrotherapy, thermal brine baths, as well as other treatments that will remind us of the summer season, while autumn and winter encourage us to choose warmth and relaxation. Warming, cleansing and amber facial masks, together with moisturizing and nutritive treatments that prepare skin for contact with cool winter air gain prominence.

The choice of treatments does not simply depend on the season, but also on the individual needs of particular customers. This is why regional SPA centers constantly develop their offers in order to meet the expectations. City-based facilities base their offers on short-term stays and active leisure, combining treatments with the activity potential of their immediate surroundings. This makes active leisure a weapon of choice for everyone who likes to enjoy a regenerative massage session after working out or swimming. There are also many different offers that have been prepared especially for couples – romantic SPA weekends, hot stone massage sessions, 5-day stays for newlyweds… There are as many possibilities as there are ideas. Some of the SPA centers have prepared a special offer for families with children. One of the leading facilities is Mera SPA Hotel in Sopot, where at a reasonable price you can actively spend the weekend and bring your children along. They, too, can take advantage of treatments especially designed for their delicate skin.

Hotel Bryza, located on the Hel Peninsula, can make you feel like a Hollywood star. A combination of high-tech cosmetology and natural ingredients in treatments will satisfy even the most demanding guests with their results. The hotel not only offers professional therapy but also provides with an opportunity to immerse in amber and brine treatments performed in the immediate area of the local coastline. Moreover, the SPA offer includes an exclusive treatments package for men, who can soothe irritated shaved skin and nourish tired facial skin. A few steps from the famous hotel there is Dom Zdrojowy in Jastarnia, also famous for its excellent SPA. Here, you can receive nourishing smoothening treatments, try the wonders of sea algae as well as check out lifting properties of caviar. To add to this, all treatments in Dom Zdrojowy use cosmetics produced only from natural ingredients, and most of these are either from the seabed the coast. One of the most interesting spots in the Kashubia region is Bazuny Hotel&SPA, a facility on the outskirts of Kościerzyna. It is a unique place, mainly because the recipes used there incorporate only local natural resources. Treatments are performed in modern interior, using innovative equipment. However, the familiar spirit can be felt. Essential oils and brine are administered in traditionally decorated vessels, crafted in the nearby manufacture. The SPA specializes in milk and brine, herbal and bead baths, as well as Kashubian nourishing and rejuvenating treatments. The broad menu offers juniper, local strawberry and natural goat milk based cosmetics. The assortment prepared by Bazuny Hotel&SPA allow for several days’ worth of pleasure in the magnificent Kashubian surroundings.

There is a lot more to SPA than just body care – it is mostly soothing the soul, enhanced by the climate of Pomorskie region. You could not ask for more!

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