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The Riviera Center in Gdynia is the largest shopping and entertainment center in Pomorskie. You’ll find here all the most popular and exclusive brands and products, but this place is more than just a shopping mall. Even the most demanding customer will leave the Center with a smile.

The two levels of the Riviera Center taking up 70 000 sqm hold 250 shops, boutiques, service outlets, showrooms, as well as television, radio and electrical household appliances markets, a grocery hypermarket, catering outlets, atmospheric cafés and cake shops. In the Center there are both the so-called chain stores, which are shops with the most popular clothing, footwear, accessories and interior design brands in Europe, as well as more expensive luxury clothing boutiques.

However, the Riviera Center is more than just a typical shopping mall. There are plenty of surprising, bold solutions. When tired of shopping, you can have a rest on the sun loungers that are set around a designer fountain. You can also surf the Net thanks to the free Internet connection, or chill out in the Helios Cinema. Inquisitive visitors will certainly notice the fact that in the Center there are organized various events, such as theatrical performances or fashion shows.

That’s not all. Riviera is also a culinary area. In the catering part you will find both classic fast food outlets, as well as Thai bistro, Japanese sushi bar, vegetarian buffet or popular sandwich outlets. If you are figure-conscious, you will definitely appreciate the Salad Story, which is the only bar in the Tri-City where guests can enjoy a salad made on site.

Moreover, there are numerous cafés and cake shops spread over the Center. What’s worth noticing is undoubtedly the Coffee Factory, an intriguing café decorated with a sense of Scandinavian design interlaced with warm, romantic accents. It’s definitely one of the most originally decorated cafés in the Tri-City. Gourmands will certainly fall in love with Mount Blanc, the kingdom of Belgian chocolate, where the interior is dominated by cocoa and vanilla colors, or the House of Chocolate, whose decor refers to the style characteristic of the pre-war Paris.

Riviera is indisputably one of the most modern shopping centers in Poland. It’s a place where time is spent with pleasure. Modern architectural solutions which were inspired by the French Côte d’Azur make it even easier. The combination of white, glass, silver and bright steel impart a sense of lightness to the interiors.

Riviera is a model example of how to create designer storage spaces. Winding aisles, oval openings between levels, pastel-backlit panels imitating seaside treasures found on the beach, or playground islands for children lined with soft material – all these elements make the interior of the building extremely pleasing to the eye. Also, combining light terracotta with dark panels works perfectly. This gives the interior a more intimate, somewhat homely, but elegant character.

The Riviera Center is located right next to Wzgórze Św. Maksymiliana SKM station, which ensures excellent communication with the rest of the Tri-City and the surrounding area as well. If you belong to a group of motorists, you can park your car in a huge, well-marked underground parking lot.

Although the Riviera Center may overwhelm you with its size, it’s well marked (aisles are named). Additionally, there have been placed some multimedia information points which show the exact way leading to the selected store. Even the most distracted visitors during the biggest shopping frenzy will find their way here with no problem at all.

The Riviera Center Kazimierza Górskiego 2, 81-304 Gdynia, Polska https://centrumriviera.pl/ biuro@centrumriwiera.pl + 48 58 779 07 10

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