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Historic streets of Gdańsk are now filled with stands from all over the world, where you can buy amber, handicrafts, clothes, accessories and delicacies from all around the world. There is a Pomeranian street, full of regional flavours and products from local producers. Come and feel the ambience of the place and the spirit of history. The St. Dominic’s Fair will last for three weeks, until the 13th of August.

The colourful parade, led by a pirate and drummers walked through the streets of Gdańsk, featuring the symbol of the St. Dominic’s Fair: The Crimson Rooster. Next to it proudly walked other familiar figures: The Golden Hermes – patron of merchants, The Neptune, The Fortune, jesters and jugglers. From now on the city is officially open for merchants from all around the world.

The tradition of the St. Dominic’s Fair dates back to the year 1260, which makes it an exceptional trade event, attracting millions of tourists to Gdańsk every year. The history is still being made, and with each year the new chapters are written, which can be noticed, for instance, in the length of the bugle call, reflecting the history of the event. Every year another note is added to the bugle call. This year we heard 763 notes exactly, played by 16 trumpeters.

What attractions await you at the St. Dominic’s Fair?

You can buy something, taste some delicious food or just walk and look around.  Alone or with family, as there is a kids’ zone. This year we have prepared 4 stations, each dedicated to a different topic: Equality Station, where you can talk about important issues, Taste Station, where you can try various world cuisine dishes, Under The Sails Station on The Ołowianka Island, where you can chill out with friends and listen to good music and Adventure Station, created for young explorers and their parents. There, all children aged 4 or older can be left in good hands of an childminder, while you search for some bargains among the streets of The Fair.

We strongly recommend visiting Pomeranian Street, where you can try various types of our local honey, as well as tinctures, made of Kashubian strawberry, rowanberry or prune. Other unique products which can be bought here are: cold-pressed oils, maturing cheese made according to old recipes, including especially valued cheese from Żuławy region, regional porcelain and ceramic works, hand-embroidered pillows and duvets with Kashubian motifs, original resin jewellery, vintage macrame works, natural cosmetics and hand-made candles. Another place worth visiting is Vilnius Street, with 15 stands and exhibitors from Vilnius. If you are looking for fun and entertainment, you can’t miss places such as the carousel, where you can experience the retro vibe of an amusement park or AmberSky, from which you can see a breath-taking panorama of the Old Town.

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