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It is modern, full of ships, seagulls, crispy waffles and excellent fish. Gdynia is also a city of culture, local markets with fresh products, and shopping sprees.

Gdynia is a young city in northern Poland, which enchants with is soaked in martitime atmosphere. Strolling through the city centre, every few steps you will be able to discover white houses, raw in form. The largest number of modernist, luxurious villas can be found on Kamienna Góra, from the top of which you can admire the panorama of the city.

A stroll and a fish with a view

The Orłowo Pier is one of the most romantic places in Gdynia. From the wooden promenade, you can see the steep and precipitous cliff of Orłowo. Nearby is Kępa Redlowska, which will lead us to the mots popular of the city’s walking promenade – Bulwar Nadmorskie (the Seaside Bouleverd).

Bulwar Nadmorski will greet you with restaurants that serve fish in all their shapes and sizes. One of them even offers beer brewed on site! A great advantage of these spots is close proximity to the sea. If you are lucky, or book in advance, you can get a table with a view on the blue waters of the Baltic.

Ryba w restauracji w Gdyni

Crispy waffles with fruit

The square is Gdynia’s showpiece. Taking a walk along the waterfront will get you to the fountain, Musical Theatre, historic ships and the most famous Polish sailing ship – Dar Pomorza. By the way, you can take advantage of the rich gastronomic offer along the way. And do not forget to taste the crispy waffle with whipped cream and fruit, sold from wooden “booths”.

Dar Pomorza w Gdyni

Shopping spree in Gdynia

Nearby the Square, there is the centre of best shops and restaurants in town – Świętojańska street. A few hundred meters down the street, at 10 lutego st., you will find a small shopping centre, in which a food hall has been opened in addition to clothing stores. Nearby is the Market Hall, full of small stands and products from local manufacturers. If you have more time, make sure to take advantage of the largest shopping centre in Gdynia, located at Wzgórze Świętego Maksymiliana. If you’re looking for famous brands or luxury boutiques, be sure check out the shopping centre in Orłowo.

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