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Precisely 316 km is the length of Pomorskie coastline. It offers both magnificent views and experiences, as well as rich tourist offer. Everything is here: beaches and water spots, parks (including national parks), and unique vegetation. There is no way to be bored, towns and cities along the Baltic Coast will spark interest in even the most demanding tourists. There is only one problem: the choice is so broad that it is sometimes difficult to decide upon where to spend your holiday.

Sopot is without doubt the most beloved resort city in Pomorskie. It is not a big city, with a little over 37,000 people, but its natural beauty together with cultural and entertainment offers are not easily matched. The city’s landmark is a wooden pier, whose history goes back to the turn of the 19th century. The boardwalk is more than 500 meters long, out of which more than 450 meters reaches into the Bay of Gdańsk. It is a place that is perfect for a walk at any time of day or night. In good weather, you can see Gdańsk and Gdynia, as well as the Hel Peninsula. A modern marina that was put to operation in 2011 is a place where luxurious yachts and boats are docked. There is also a row of benches available for anyone who would like to catch some sun during summer.

Trees in Northern and Southern Park provide shade during hot, summer days. There are more than 60 types of trees, and many protected plants, as well as a recreational square, small football pitch, and picturesque alleys. Saline inhalation facilities (the so-called “mushrooms”) in the Southern park, from which you can access brine solution, are a mandatory part of any trip to the resort.

Being in Sopot, you cannot miss the seafront promenade that goes along to Brzeźno I Gdańsk. The long alley, surrounded by small dunes and a forest, is a place for active leisure. Each day, you will come across cyclists, roller-bladers, and joggers. If you are not feeling up to active leisure, you can always take a rickshaw ride.

Thirsty and hungry, do not hesitate to visit one of numerous bars and restaurants with a view on the beach and the Bay of Gdańsk.

Another of the city’s landmark is the representative pedestrian street along Bohaterów Monte Cassino street. Buildings along this promenade contain mainly restaurants, cafes, and clubs, as well as Scena Kameralna of Wybrzeże Theatre, and characteristic, due to its architecture, the so-called “Crooked House” (Krzywy Domek).

Walking along the coastline from Sopot it is a stone’s throw to Orłowo in Gdynia, which is the most picturesque part of this harbor city. A pier, though much shorter than in Sopot, also allows for romantic walks anytime during day or night. A real pearl in Orłowo’s crown is the majestic cliff, from which you can experience a breath-taking view on the sea. During the season, the Gdynia City Theatre Summer Stage provides and excellent opportunity to enjoy best spectacles in a maritime surrounding.

One of the more popular tourist spots in Pomorskie among tourists is also the Hel Peninsula. Thousands of tourists arrive here during the season to appreciate the Peninsula’s unique location, with the Bay of Gdańsk on one the side, which is favoured by sailors and surfers, and the endless open Baltic Sea on the other. What is interesting, the most narrow part of the Peninsula, between the towns of Kuźnica and Chałupy, is less than 100 meters.

If you are an early bird, you will be able to come across fishermen who, from the crack of dawn, embark in their fishing boats to work. Every day, lighthouses in Hel and Jastarnia point them towards home.

Wooden fishing huts, nets stretched on fences, boats… Hel Peninsula is valued for its folklore, upon which the inhabitants of large cities experience with each day spent here. Entering the Peninsula from Władysławowo, you will pass Chałupy, Kuźnica, Jastarnia and Jurata, arriving in the city of Hel. Each of this places has different ambience. It is best to learn for yourself, which one suits you most.

Nature lovers will without doubt appreciate Łeba, located near Słowiński National Park, which is its greatest natural treasure, with Łebsko and Gardno lakes, and moving dunes that change their position according to the direction of wind. This makes each walk in the park a unique experience.

But Pomorskie riviera is not only the western part of the coast. It is also the Vistula Spit in the eastern part of the region, with Krynica Morska. Because of its four marinas, summer water spots, and a constantly developing tourist offer Krynica Morska has been gaining more and more popularity by the year.

The entire Baltic Coast is dotted with numerous lighthouses that tower over the water, from Czołpino to Krynica Morska. The most beautiful ones are located in Rozewie, Czołpino, Ustka, and Stilo (near Sasin). Exploring those lighthouses is lots of fun for both adults, and children.

Going on holiday to the Baltic Coast it is good to think about what we are expecting. You can choose from crowded, as well as intimate spots. Towns, in which you will mainly bathe and others, where active leisure is number one priority (we would suggest taking a bicycle trip along the Hel Peninsula). Since hotel infrastructure has been developing by the year, the choice of accommodation should not pose a significant problem. A room with a view on the sea is a dream that can easily come true.

Because anything is possible in Pomorskie.

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