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Travelling in a camper van is getting more and more popular every year. What is the secret of its popularity? It offers the travellers freedom and versatility. Mobile motor home, or rather a mobile hotel room can be parked at the lakeside on one day just to move on the next day and stop to have breakfast at the seaside. Where are the most beautiful places in Pomorskie region to explore while caravanning?

Pomorskie is the region where caravanning is possible virtually everywhere. Kaszuby lake district, Żuławy Wiślane – The Vistula river lowlands, Kociewie district and Tricity itself are full of picturesque places worth stopping for one night or at least for one morning. The freedom caravanning provides is much greater compared to other ways of travelling. You can park your RV in the same places where you can park your car. One thing to bear in mind, though, is the bigger size of your camper van, which may mean certain limitations. That is why it is best to choose the recommended places to park your RV. Pomorskie region is a welcoming land for caravanning lovers.

Why is caravanning so cool? It is entirely up to you where you stop and sleep, eat whatever and wherever you like, visit some awesome places which you would probably never go to otherwise. The basic amenities, like a bed and a toilet are always at hand. You can stop practically everywhere at any time, e.g.: at the lake, in some wild spot, right by the shore. Another advantage is that the total cost of your trip is much lower – you don’t need to pay for accommodation, and the cost of fuel is just a little higher than while travelling by car – says Paula, a caravanning lover from Pomorskie district.

Caravanning in Tricity  – where to stay?

If you are looking for a place to park your RV and stay in Tricity, here are several places we recommend: First, let’s take a look at Sopot. Located at the seaside, offering all the attractions of a holiday resort such as restaurants and clubs, Sopot is a great option for those who, apart from leisure activities, are looking for some entertainment. In Sopot the campsites to park your camper van are: campsite No.19 in Sopot Kamienny Potok or campsite No. 34 in Sopot at Bitwy pod Płowcami street 55. Another camper van spot is at 45 Park camping&resort. The recommended places in Gdańsk are, among others,. Stogi campsite No.218,  ‘Bursztynowy Las’ campsite and Orlinek campsite No. 69 in Sobieszewo.

Caravanning in Żuławy district  – where to stay?

Żuławy Wiślane – The Vistula river lowlands is a land full of mysteries, charming hills and areas below the sea level in The Vistula estuary. The best way to travel around those areas is on a bike or in a camper van, which  makes it possible to make the most of the vast green areas, to look at old huts, historic windmills and stunning arcaded houses. While visiting Żuławy in a camper van it is a good idea to stop in Jantar at the “U Jurka” campsite, in Stegna at the campsite No.180 or No.159, in Kąty Rybackie at ” U Baby Agi” Mini Camp or at one of the 3 campsites in Krynica Morska (71 Gallus campsite, No.182 Piaski campsite and Banach campsite).

Caravanning in Kaszuby district  – where to stay?

Kaszuby lake district is a land to fall in love with. The region, often referred to as “Kashubian Switzerland” has a lot of love to give back to its explorers: the sea, the lakes, the hills, woods, mushrooms and berries. Kaszuby region is a combination of amazing landscapes and mysterious historic sites.

The idea of caravanning is worth taking into account for several reasons. Firstly, it’s cost-effective, as you don’t have to pay for accommodation and, for instance in Ustka, parking your vehicle in the  evening and at night is free. Secondly, with a camper van you can reach places that are not accessible by public transport. One of those places is Kraina w Kratę, a village of unique architectural value, labelled as one of the EU cultural heritage sites. Camper van is a perfect solution for such excursions – advises Agata Sobiczewska from “Ustka i Ziemia Słupska” – The Local Tourist Association.

In Ustka there are many nice places to park your camper van but if you are looking for a tested and secure haven, we recommend you to head for the seaside campsite No. 101 at Armii Krajowej 4 street or to the campsite at Stefana Grota Roweckiego 9. street. Both locations are immensely popular among tourists. If not Ustka, how about Łeba? There you can stay at.: No. 81 ‘Marco Polo’ campsite or No.145 ‘Rafael’ campsite. Other places to choose from are, among others: campsite No. 156 in Rowy, ‘Stolemowa Grota’ in Gniewino, ‘Kaszubski Zakątek’ in Białogóra, ‘Słoneczne’ campsite in Dębki and in Jastrzębia Góra – ‘Na Skarpie’ campsite No. 60. In Puck you can park your RV at ‘Tęczowe Campsite’ and in Chałupy in  ‘Polaris’ tourist park or Solar Chałupy IV campsite. In Jastarnia the parking spaces for campers are available e.g.:in Pod Cyprysami tourist centre and next to Molo Surf SPOT. In Jurata you can stay at “Sosnowa Jurata” – a campsite and holiday home park, and in Hel – at “Sielski Hel” complex and “Kormoran” campsite. In Chmielno you can park  next to “Bachus” leisure centre, in Stężyca – at the CamperPark PIT STOP No.110, in Wdzydze – on the PTTK [Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society] premises, and in Borsk –  next to “Largo” leisure centre. There is an equally good infrastructure for camper vans in Półwysep Lipa leisure centre and in eFKA Wiele leisure centre by Lake Wielewskie.

Caravanning in Kociewie district  – where to stay?

Kociewie is another region of Pomorskie district worth exploring by means of a camper van. It is located in the eastern part of Tuchola Forest, in the basin of The Wierzyca and Wda rivers.  This charming land inspires tourists to discover its secrets. There is a lot to discover, indeed, as the local inhabitants still cultivate the old family traditions – they speak the local dialect and promote regional cuisine. There are numerous spots to park your camper van in the area. You can choose among one of the agrotourism farms: Zielona Dolina Mariola Staniszewska, Siedlisko Jastrzębie, Zielona Przystań Radziejewo, Pod Dębami, Pod Strzechą, Chata u Stacha or Ranczo Matys. You really have plenty of options!

Caravanning around Pomorskie region can be truly enjoyable. Vast green areas and nature’s resources of Kaszuby, Żuławy and  Kociewie will surely delight caravanning enthusiasts. While planning your itinerary it is a good idea to make a list of camper-friendly places worth visiting. Pomorskie region abounds in such locations and most of them, apart from the parking space for camper vans offer the access to other facilities, such as: utilities, gastronomy etc. Have a good trip, take advantage of comfortable overnight stays and enjoy wonderful views!

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