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Hotel chains such as Mariott, Hilton, Sheraton and Radisson are commonly known. We tend to choose a given brand because it offers a high standard of services and facilities.  As it turns out, not only premium brands can offer us a high-standard stay. We can by all means expect equal standard in boutique hotels, successfully competing on the market with big hotel chains. These small, specially designed hotels, also referred to as boutique hotels, have an aura of luxury. Their original interior design, attractive location and unconventional range of hospitality services attract many customers looking for something special. Below we present our  top 5 selection of such hotels in Tricity.

The main features of a boutique hotel, also called a lifestyle hotel are: the small-scale and intimate nature of the facility, unique atmosphere and very high standard – all those factors guarantee that even the most sophisticated needs and preferences of the guests can be fully met. The guests who will be most interested in the boutique hotel and in all it has to offer are those looking for peace and quiet, intimacy and premium category services.

Boutique hotels are often designed by renowned architects and designers and impress their guests with extraordinary and avant-garde decor.  The interiors are designed with great attention to detail. The rooms are often furnished with antique furniture pieces, works of art or with sophisticated designer decorative items. It is common for each room to be designed in a different style, which makes it unique. Smaller hotels do not label rooms with numbers, but rather with names referring to colours or other distinctive features of a given hotel.  Every boutique hotel has its own, individual style – that is how it stands out against the background of other hotels.

The buildings adapted for the purposes of boutique hotels are frequently old tenement houses, palaces, manors or castles. Boutique hotels tend to be smaller than traditional hotel chains, they have just several rooms, maximum several dozen, however, there are some exceptions to this rule.  The most famous boutique hotel in the world, Paramount Hotel in New York, designed by Philip Starck, has as many as 600 rooms.

Boutique hotels provide similar facilities to the ones offered by 5-star hotel chains, but we can expect a much faster and better standard of service. The services provided there are highly personalized, and the individual approach to every client is the key asset.

Quadrille Hotel in Gdynia: a fairy tale world inspired by „Alice in Wonderland”

This original boutique hotel has been present on the Tricity map for over 7 years. Although the hotel is located in a 18th-century palace, there are no signs of passing time. All elements of the interior design look as if they were bought yesterday. The building in which the hotel is situated has been revitalized. The authors of the concept are Anna and Martyna Górska, who created a fairy-tale place, inspired by “Alice in Wonderland”. One of the characters from the novel is present in the name of the hotel restaurant.

White Rabbit is an integral part of Quadrille and one of its  signature elements. Marcin Popielarz, the talented chef of White Rabbit is the author of the dishes on the restaurant’s menu, an example of the finest regional cuisine. Seasonal tasting menu is available in a vegan option as well.

The hotel has a stunning, bold design with a multitude of colours. The interior design is a combination of elaborate, diversified details, yet at the same time it all creates a harmonized whole. The motifs from stories in the novel are subtly highlighted in the entire facility, also in extravagantly decorated rooms. The historic space, visible underneath the old bricks is counterbalanced with the accessories of famous brands and premium, fancy furniture. Modern trends are noticeable in the entire style of this place. Similar wallpaper can be seen on the walls of The Buckingham Palace.

Quadrille Relais&Châteaux Hotel is located in Gdynia Orłowo on the 2-ha plot of land where you can find a fountain and many monuments of nature. The facility is divided into two parts: the 18th-century Palace with 12 deluxe rooms and the modern Outbuilding with 19 double rooms and an apartment. The Palace apartment and the rooms are named after the literary masters, evoking associations with their works. For instance, guests may stay in a room named after Gustave Flaubert, Scheherazade or Emily Brontë.

The Palace and The Outbuilding are connected by the underground corridor and share the SPA zone: swimming pool, jacuzzi, dry and steam sauna. In Quadrille SPA the guests can relax in one of the seven treatment rooms equipped with the high technology devices.

Our hotel is for adults only. All hotel guests or visitors to the SPA zone from Tricity must be at least 16 years old. This means that the hotel offers its guests the relaxing stay at its best. This place is free from noisy children and family buzz. The luxury here consists not only in a very high standard of the facilities and the service, but also in the blissful silence. To make our guests even more comfortable and peaceful, we make sure to manage the occupancy in the aquatic zone in such a way as to keep it up to 12 persons. And that is exactly what our guests appreciate. What is worth noting, each beauty treatment worth 150 PLN or more entitles you to use the swimming pool on the same day. It is our way to welcome and encourage local guests to visit us  – says Marta Dworak, PR & Marketing Director.

“Experience the Wonderland” – the mission statement of Quadrille  is an invitation to enter the world of adventure, fantasy and magic.

Testa Hotel in Sopot: a little, modern and minimalist seaside hotel

The location of the hotel is breathtaking. It is only 55 steps away from the sandy beach, the seaside boulevard and a cycle lane. The small, 5-star hotel is surrounded with the coastal vegetation and the hotel garden. Its simple architectural style blends well into the side of the frontage, full of other hotels and restaurants.  From the very first step inside we can admire its modern design.

The hotel has 18 rooms, including 3 family apartments designed in a modern, light style. Simple elegance creates the ambience of comfort and finesse. Those, who like reading can use the Library with a wide selection of books, whereas the youngest guests have access to “the world of adventures in the magical forest” It is a playroom, where children can spend time in a safe environment. All guests can use the Wellness zone facilities, such as: dry and steam sauna, jacuzzi and a treatment room. Słona Woda, the hotel restaurant, serves exquisite Polish and international dishes based on carefully composed recipes and regional products. 

The architectural style of the hotel is truly amazing. It was designed with utmost care and attention to even the tiniest detail, simultaneously making the space minimalist and preserving its sea-related origin. Our hotel is located in a quiet part of Sopot on a private property, surrounded with abundant greenery and beautiful chestnut trees. Cosy rooms, a comfortable SPA zone, the forest-themed playroom for the youngest guests and an incredible library – the best place to sit back and relax with a cup of coffee and a good book, Słona Woda restaurant, serving not only the delicious food but tasty drinks and fancy cocktails – all this makes the guests appreciate our hotel and keep coming back to stay here – says Lena Faber-Stępień, the hotel manager.

Podewils Hotel in Gdańsk: a baroque palace also known as “The House of the Black Boy”

The old, baroque palace on the Gdańsk riverbank, located in a picturesque, old part of the city on The Motlawa River is today one of the most beautiful hotels in the Pomerania region. From the windows of Podewils hotel there is a nice view of The Main City, the Yacht Marina and the historic Crane.

It was created twenty years ago as the first 5-star and boutique hotel in Gdańsk. Its distinctive features are English style of interior design and a cosy ambience. It has only 10 rooms. Each of them is designed in a different colour. The guests may choose one of the cosy, finely designed rooms where the antique decor is combined with the modern comfort.

In this location in 1728, one of the most talented stonemasons in Gdańsk, Krzysztof Strzycki, built a most beautiful house imitating the style of the suburban manor houses of the local patriarchs. For many years the works of this poor stonemason, not related to the families of the renowned craftsmen, were not appreciated by the inhabitants of Gdańsk and senior representatives of the guild, and Strzycki was even teased with the name “poor Negro”. Hurt by unjust opinions, he developed his talent in secret, in a rented granary where his stone works became more and more beautiful.  It was only after Strzycki had married a rich lady from Gdańsk when the citizens of Gdańsk accepted him as one of their own men.  This marriage opened the doors to his subsequent successful career. Already a man of means, he designed and supervised the construction of an elegant house, which brought him fame and recognition. The grudge Strzycki held against the craftsmen and citizens of Gdańsk was impersonated in the ‘logotype’ of the building, the image of a black boy on the portal.

In Podewils Hotel one an admire historic architecture and meticulously renovated interiors. For years people have admired the beautiful proportions of the baroque house and its ornaments: chubby cherubs, oval and rectangular windows tastefully incorporated into the structure of the building, the sphinxes placed on stone plinths, protecting the house, and a portal of outstanding beauty featuring the coat of arms of the Strzyckis family – the head of a black boy against a golden background.    That is why this stylish hotel, where the guests are welcomed by the concierge, is still called “The House of the Black Boy”.

The location, just next to the Marina, with a view over The Old Town, the historic Crane and The Motlawa River makes the stay here really unforgettable. However, the exceptional ambience of Podewils Hotel is created first and foremost by its personnel – fully focused on the needs and wishes of our guests. It is thanks to its staff that each year the hotel ranks first among all the hotels in Gdańsk. (Tripadvisor). Each guests is taken care of in the best possible way, with utmost discretion and respect for their privacy – tells us Magdalena Piotrowska, the hotel manager.

Rezydent Sopot MGallery: the oasis of serenity in the heart of the city

“just a stone’s throw away from the hustle and bustle of the historic Monte Cassino Boulevard there is another, parallel world. A hidden jewel, where your seaside dream begins” – with this phrase The Rezydent Hotel welcomes its guests. This place really deserves to be called the domain of tranquillity and comfort.  Rezydent Sopot MGallery is one of the facilities in The MGallery Collection – boutique hotels with a unique history and design in the heart of Sopot.

This neo-baroque building, inspired by the 19th century tenement houses fits perfectly in the eclectic nature of Sopot and its architecture. The hotel stands out on the green background of the Constitution Square and is one of the city landmarks, as well as the place where the modern style is ornamented with classic details. The ingenious, tailor-made design ideally matches the seaside surroundings thanks to its structure and the colour selection. The private nature of this comfortable residence makes it a perfect place for a deep relaxation and rest in one of 63 rooms, including a deluxe Baltic Apartment.

The architects from Tremend studio gave the interiors of Rezydent Sopot MGallery Hotel an extraordinary ambience. Subtle palette of colours, combined with the marvellous glass decorations by Barańska Design – like a gorgeous colourful chandelier in the hotel reception provide comfort to our senses and make it easier to switch to a slow-paced mood so characteristic for the stay at the seaside – says Nina Kornecka, the Marketing and Sales manager. 

The hotel has a deluxe Wellness zone. The exclusive Prana Spa Premium is an enchanting space, where the guests may take advantage of a wide range of beauty and relaxation treatments, massage and dry sauna.

The culinary experience is exceptionally significant in Rezydent Sopot MGallery. The innovative “bistronomy” approach is a marriage of fine dining with a casual atmosphere, serving regional delights from local suppliers, including steaks, fish and cheeses crafted in a unique way on hot lava stones. This extraordinary form of presentation of the Chef’s specials and cocktails, including the sea-inspired Iconic Cocktail Amber Dream, featuring amber vodka as its main ingredient transforms tasting dishes into an exquisite sensory experience –  adds Nina Kornecka.

My Story Gdynia: a good night’s sleep is the priority 

My Story Gdynia is the first hotel in Gdynia  where the comfort and quality of sleep are the priority, and the second facility of the “My Story” brand family. The first such facility has been opened in Sopot three years ago and offers 17 cosy apartments just 100 metres away from the beach. The 4-star Gdynia hotel has 59 of such apartments. Functionally designed, full of light, stylish rooms were equipped with electronic panels which allow guests to control the intensity of sound and create the ambience with light. Many technological solutions applied in the hotel help the guests to obtain the highest possible comfort of sleep. One of such things is the possibility to listen to music from your personal playlist in the smart phone, played from the loudspeakers in the room In line with the hotel mission statement, a deep sleep is the most important service the guests can get and that is what My Story Gdynia takes care of.

Appropriate colours of interior finish and the accurate intensity of light, smell and sounds in the room will support the melatonin production process and help you to chill out. Thanks to appropriately selected accessories, such as:  hybrid pillows, weighted blankets, sleep masks, mattresses of different levels of firmness will speed up the regeneration of a stressed and tired body.

We recommend the Blue Dream room for those guests, whose responsibilities involve a demanding task or are connected with a high level of stress. The shades of navy blue, resembling the colours of majestic deep sea, consciously used in the arrangement of this room allow the guests to submerge in deep relaxation. Dark blue colour has a relaxing impact on the receptors in our brain and reduces blood pressure, so staying in a navy blue surrounding calms you down and lets you experience deep, long, regenerating sleep.

The Hotel in Gdynia is an example of a totally new standard of services, in which the priority in the guest experience is the ultimate comfort and best quality of sleep. Although the hotel is not located in the most quiet part of the city, the modern technological solutions used in the hotel design and construction make it possible to reduce the outside noise pollution to nearly zero. Our guests are pleasantly surprised to find out how quiet the rooms in the city centre may be. The mission statement of My Story Gdynia Hotel is the slogan: Get some rest. Our guests’ well-being resulting from being well-rested and getting a good night’s sleep have become the most important underlying factors in the process of designing the facility. Why is that? There are multiple benefits of a good night’s sleep: it positively affects our overall health condition, creativity, motivation, productivity and immune system. In My Story Gdynia we meet the guests’ needs in 3 areas, which have the biggest impact on our well-being: sleep, healthy meals and physical activity. Our services are comprehensive: apart from the relaxing hotel rooms we offer a relaxation zone (sauna, gym, massage room) and our chef’s specials in My Place restaurant – most of the dishes served there match perfectly the needs of our biological clock –  says Michał Jamrozik, the hotel manager.

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