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The Christmas table, along with the beautifully illuminated Christmas tree, is one of the most important elements of holiday reunion with family and friends. It is where we all gather to eat supper on Christmas Eve, share the holy wafer, celebrate festive moments, chat and enjoy one another’s company. Joanna Wszeborowska-Kludzińska, the creator of Roseberry Home brand, tells us about the importance of the table in our homes and gives us some tips on how to make it look amazing both during the holidays and on every other day.

Marta Nicgorska: Joanna, the table is the heart of your house, it plays the pivotal role in your cosy, warm arrangements.  Does it bring back to you any particularly good memories?

Joanna Wszeborowska-Kludzińska: The table as the main feature of the house has always been on my mind. Since my early childhood I saw the table as a symbol of affection and intimacy. I associate the table with the domestic peace and warmth. With my family, my loved ones, my parents, my brother. In my parents’ house there is a large, oak table. Now, after so many years it is still there and my daughters like to hide under it sometimes. The moment we sit at the table in my family home is a magical moment for me. This is the time we share our stories, tales and emotions. Today I know that these family get-togethers at the table became the foundation of our integrity.

Where did this passion of table decorating come from?

The passion originated from the need I felt deep in my heart.  As a girl, I loved to set the table before each family celebration. We lived in a big house, where, aside from the table, there were sideboards in the dining room. My mum stored in them such accessories as crockery, silver cutlery, beautiful tablecloths and napkins. Putting all of these items out, arranging them on the table before the guests arrived was a source of genuine pleasure for me. I loved doing that! Each time I set the table I felt excited.  I started to dream about making those family moments, both daily and festive ones, become special, not just in our home.

There are always fresh flowers on your table. Your house literally drowns in floral arrangements. Do you arrange the flowers yourself or do you hire the professional florist?

Since my early years I have been surrounded with flowers – I used to live in a village called Różyny, where my parents had their horticultural business. As a little girl I would go to the greenhouse, water the flowers, pick them. I grew up among flowers: roses, lilies and many others. I was simply a little gardener. Roses have always been the most beautiful flowers for me, but also the most demanding ones. The roses and their colour, especially shades of pink, has always been present in my life. When I moved to my own house and started designing its interiors I knew that flowers will be a permanent feature there, as they add the freshness and charm to the place. I make the flower arrangements myself and I make sure they match the pastel interior. I love pink and purple in all shades and this is the dominant colour palette in my house. “The flower-scented blog” did not come from nowhere.

In October the new brand, Roseberry Home, was created. Where did the idea for the original, stylish table textiles come from?

Rosewood Home brand was born out of passion. The passion, in turn, brought about the business idea. Two years ago I started my floral blog  – Roseberry Home and created the dedicated accounts on social media. There I shared my inspirations on how to decorate the home interiors. Table arrangements were what gave me the utmost satisfaction.  The arrangements I made were hugely popular with my followers. It was then that I realized that few people have this talent and very few can do it well. At the same time, while looking for products to use in the table arrangements, I found it difficult to find stylish and high-quality table textiles in various colours and patterns. I noticed there is a deficit of high-quality, natural textiles, so I decided to create my own, Roseberry Home collections of: tablecloths, napkins and placemats for demanding customers, who – just like me – like to surround themselves with elegant objects.

Can you tell us a bit on what the creative process looks like? How are these stylish collections made?

The base for every arrangement is the elegant tablecloth. Then I choose the colours and patterns of the other elements: placemats, napkins and napkin holders. Just like a painter chooses the colours for the painting, I do the same when adding particular decorative elements to the table arrangement. I create each collection and arrangement in my imagination first. The table is for me what the canvas is for the painter. And how is it done step by step? Well, first I order textile samples, then I choose the fabrics, design the pattern and the decorative motif on the napkins or on placemats.  Then I commission the graphic design. Not until I receive the visualisation do I specify the details, for instance the type and colour of the thread. And then the production process begins.

Where are the products for table arrangements available in Roseberry Home manufactured? I assume you do not sew them yourself?

Some of my family members had tailoring experiences. First my late grandfather and then my father had a workshop, where they were sewing coats, jackets and suits. I remember the sight of sewing machines, mannequins and cutting tables around the entire house. I have never sewn myself, though. I believe that manufacturing table textiles requires advanced tailoring skills and attention to detail. I have long been looking for the contractors who could make my collections because I wanted to entrust this task to the professionals. I focus on the finishing touches – each element and detail has to be perfect, so our products are made in Polish workshops, which guarantee the high standard of performance.

Your collections are beautifully sewn and smell of luxury…

We use only high quality products: Italian, Spanish and Belgian fabrics. They are top class textiles, mostly natural – cotton, linen with just a little synthetic addition in order to make the fabric firmer. We embroider our napkins and placemats using viscose threads. All products are packaged in stylish boxes, which make them ideal as gifts, not only for Christmas, but for every other occasion. We pay attention to every detail, so as the client is sure that the product which they spend money on is of excellent quality and will last years.

How many Christmas collections do you offer in your online store?

I prepared five special collections with Christmas table in mind: Very Merry, Very Holly, Veri Peri, Shiny Gold and Shiny Silver Christmas. You can see them on Instagram, Facebook and buy online: roseberryhome.com/sklep. Some of our collections can be seen in the interior design stores of Tricity – in Klif shopping mall in Gdynia -at Spensen Home showroom and in Sopot Modern Classic Home store.

You certainly would like Roseberry Home to expand in the future? What is your concept of the brand development?

My mind and my heart are full of dreams but…..shhhh! I am not going to say them out loud, I don’t want to jinx it. I believe that pursuing my inner voice is the way to make my dreams come true. If you want something very much, everything around you revolves in such a way so as to create the favourable conditions for your dreams to become reality. Everything happens for a reason – my experience is the best proof of that credo.

I’m sure that your Roseberry Home brand is going to blossom like a rose! Thank you so much for this conversation and may your career path be paved with flowers.

Below 5 elements which, according to Joanna Wszeborowska-Kludzińska, are crucial to remember about while designing the Christmas table arrangement.

The colours of decorations

The most significant rule of decorating the table is to match it with the colour palette of the house interiors, so that it is coherent with the whole dining room or living room arrangement. The perfect colour combination for The Christmas table is white with golden or silver details. Such colourful duos look stunningly elegant and suit interiors designed in both light and dark colours. And of course the timeless Christmas trio – red, green and white – never goes out of fashion. For those who prefer more extravagant style on their tables, Joanna recommends the combination of this year’s trendy scarlet (veri peri) with bottle green and gold.

Christmas-themed textiles

A festive occasion like Christmas requires decorating the table with a fine tablecloth. A plain tablecloth embellished with a silver or golden thread will be an excellent background for various colourful decorations and will nicely accentuate the whole arrangement. The tablecloth may have the ornaments in the shape of holly, pine needles, mistletoe or little bows. In case of a patterned tablecloth the decorations should be subtle, in uniform, pastel colours. The main rule of matching the size of the tablecloth to the size of the table should be taken into account: The extra 20 cm (+/- 5 cm) for each side of the table (its length and width) should be added. The elegant table calls for linen napkins. They can be shaped into some fancy, origami-like decorations, ornamented with a band or with a hand-made decoration corresponding to the table arrangement.

Crockery and glassware

If we have a dedicated Christmas set, it should be the main feature on the table. The textiles and extras will be a natural background for it. White or beige crockery will be the best choice on a traditional Christmas table. These colours are timeless and suitable for any occasion and moment. The cutlery, regardless of whether they are silver or golden coloured, should always be nicely polished. The glassware may be more decorative, too – to match the table colour palette, with some ornamental cuts or shiny edges. Crystal glasses will definitely be the best choice for the occasion, reflecting the candlelight, creating a magical aura of flashing sparks.

Candles and candle holders

The Christmas table should be drowning in candlelight, creating a cosy ambience. Please keep in mind that the candles and candle holders should not be blocking the view of the faces of guests sitting at the table. The height of Christmas table decorations, in order to set the mood for a light-hearted chat between the guests who sit opposite each other should not be more than 30-40 cm.

Christmas decorations & figurines

The central section of the table is meant for the dinner service. While arranging decorations like baubles, figurines or wreaths around the table, please remember to leave some space for the dishes to be served during Christmas Eve dinner. The wafer and hay can be beautifully displayed on a special cushion. The Christmas table would not be complete without seasonal flowers like poinsettia, a.k.a. ‘The Star of Bethlehem”, mistletoe, holly or pine branches.

The store website: https://roseberryhome.com/

The collection: https://roseberryhome.com/kolekcje

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Instagram for the online store

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