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Tri-City combines the features of a seaside resort with a modern metropolis. You can relax on the beach, enjoy a meal in a fancy restaurant, or try SPA&Wellness offer. 

Tri-City is a metropolis of three cities – charming Gdansk, lively Sopot and modern Gdynia. Each of them is unique, which can also be seen in their gastronomy. Most chefs rely on local, seasonal products. We recommend trying Kashubian strawberries, mushrooms, cheese, and honey from local apiaries.

Pier in Sopot

This is one of the most popular recreational spots in Poland. While walking along the pier, the only thing that separates us from the sea are wooden planks that pleasantly creak beneath our feet. Along the way you will come accross curious seagulls and luxury yachts swaying gently with the waves at in the marina. If you feel hungry, you can visit the restaurant located half-way towards the pier’s end. Its broad offer includes, among others, delicious breakfasts, pasta, meat, and fresh fish.

Pier in Sopot is the best way to relax in Tri-city

For the love of food

Tri-City residents are known for their love of food. A celebration of excellent cuisine, the Slow Fest, takes place in Sopot each year at the end of June.. During the festival, chefs, local manufacturers, and cuisine aficionados gather at one table to celebrate. Moreover, you can purchase fresh produce all year round at eco-bazaars.

Local cuisine is the best way to relax in Tri-city

With respect to food, restaurants are increasingly willing to implement “zero waste” philosopy. Chefs outdo each other in inventing ever more original solutions, all in the name of not wasting products. That way, you can enjoy delicious flavoured olive oil, aromatic butter, and even… Edible soil in the form of crunchy topping.

SPA the best way to rest in the Tri-City

Pomorskie is full of places created for the mind and body. In Sopot alone, you can find at least a dozen addresses worth visiting. They lure clients with elegant design, modern equipment and individual approach. Moisturising and firming treatments, massages, body scrubs, and of course – sauna, jacuzzi and rooftop swimming pools with a view on the sea. The choice is not going to be easy, but you will certainly find something to come back to, time and time again.

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