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Christmas is coming. During this special time of the year, everybody is thinking about presents. What to put under the Christmas tree to put a smile on the faces of those we love. “What to choose?” is an important question. Even more important: “Where to go on a Christmas shopping spree?”. We know the answer: the best place for Christmas shopping is Tricity. No other place offers such a broad selection of shopping centres!

We don’t need to be humble: Tricity is a shopping paradise. We start our tour of the best shopping centres in the recently-opened, innovative, centre of trade, services and culture, Forum Gdańsk. It is in perfect location, train station “SKM Śródmieście” (Downtown) and tram stops are just a stone’s throw from the building. A spacious parking lot is also available, which makes shopping even more convenient. Forum Gdańsk comprises 220 retail and service points. There are both new, original boutiques and shops, as well as well-known franchises and chain stores, clothes, shoes, accessories, as well as electronics and newspapers. Everything you need in one place.

For those who prefer more intimate, cosy atmosphere, there is Madison shopping centre. It is a popular spot among citizens of Gdańsk, as well as tourists, that has been present on the local shopping centre map for many years. Although it is considerably smaller than Forum Gdańsk that we mentioned above, there are many satisfying shopping opportunities here, as well. From popular clothing retailers, through shoe shops, to boutiques with lingerie or handbags.

Christmas shopping in Gdańsk

From the centre of the city, we move to Wrzeszcz. This popular district of Wrzeszcz is perfect for a shopping spree. First, visit Manhattan shopping centre, which is located next to the main artery of Tricity. Manhattan is considered a monument of the city’s small trade. In the past, this area was steaming with small shops and boutiques. Today, just like Madison, Manhattan is a medium-sized shopping centre that caters for people who enjoy cosy atmosphere and have particular shopping preferences. At the same time, the shopping centre houses a library, language centres, gym, and a bowling club. Nothing stands in the way of taking advantage of this offer, as well.

Those who enjoy a wider selection of goods, or cannot decide what to buy, will certainly choose Galeria Bałtycka shopping centre, the largest mall in Gdańsk. Three stories house several dozen shops with clothing, gadgets, shoes, lingerie, and handbags. There is also a hairdresser, perfumeries, jewellery salons, electronics shops, and of course a food court. People say that Galeria Bałtycka will allow you to dress from head to toe, and buy presents for the entire family. Keeping track of the centre’s current offer is worth the time, as the mall hosts regular additional events: fashion shows, fairs, or meetings with region’s famous people.

The largest shopping centre in Pomorskie is the Gdynia-based Riviera, which houses almost 250 shops on two levels. Without a doubt, shopping in Riviera centre is a whole-day undertaking. This shopping centre can definitely boast the broadest shopping offer in Tricity. What is interesting is that it has been built in a “user-friendly” and intuitive way, which makes it easy to navigate around it. Numerous restaurants and cafes, together with friendly surroundings, make any shopping spree a fun experience for everyone.

Shopping centres of Tricity, from Gdańsk to Gdynia, are places that will let you find anything you need for yourself and your friends and family. The wide selection of shopping malls includes the more cosy and intimate ones, those easily accessible via public transport, and those that facilitate car transport. All of the centres lure people with a rich and varied offer and competitive prices. Clients can always count on professional staff, also English-speaking, that will advise and help in obtaining whatever you need.

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