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The history of the castle of von Krockow family in northern part of Kaszuby dates back 700 years. The castle hosted Sigismund III Vasa, and at the turn of the 18th century it saw the great German philosopher, Johann Gottlieb Fichte, conduct his lectures. Today, Zamek Krokowa (Krokowa Castle) is a hotel and a restaurant, where the best Polish and regional dishes are served.

Restaurant at Krokowa

The central character of the Castle was Louise von Krockow. She was the initiator of the great landscape park, a patron of literature and art. She was the author of the book “Pädagogischen Ideen” (“Pedagogical Ideas”), which became the foundation of upbringing for women of all social backgrounds. Until this day, various cultural events are organised in one of the castle chambers. These include concerts of Vivaldi’s music or exhibition openings – says Joanna Kujawska, manager of Zamek Krokowa.

The head chef of the restaurant is Ryszard Okoń. He lures his guests with scents of traditional, Polish cuisine with a hint of regional flavour. Delicious game meat, fish, poultry, and exquisitely prepared desserts are the hallmarks of this place.

Restaurant at Krokowa - chef

Our philosophy is directly connected to Polish, and especially regional, tradition. We use only regionally grown and produced ingredients. Our priorities are simple, seasonal flavour, and local producers who supply us with fish or fruit – says Ryszard Okoń.

At the same time, he maintains that clients’ trust is of paramount importance to him. The greatest reward, he says, is when his guests return. – This is due to the highest quality of products that are used to meticulously prepare our dishes – Ryszard Okoń adds.

Kitchen staff prepares hand-made dumplings, pasta, several flavours of ice-cream, and roasted plum jams with vanilla or cinnamon. The point is to serve as unprocessed products as possible, preferably home-made.

Krokowa Restaurant – Menu

What are the head chef’s picks from the restaurant’s menu? First, deer steak tartare.

For second course, beef cheeks with horseradish puree and caramelised carrot.

The dessert, on the other hand, is simple yet delicious: a selection of fruit under cardamom crumble.

Zamek Krokowa is also a hotel with conference facilities. At their disposal, guests have five comfortable, functional banquet and conference rooms with multimedia equipment as standard.

In Krokowa Restaurant, near the castle, there is also a unique museum. Located in a former inn, it sheds a light on the history of Poles, Kashubians, and Germans and their intertwined fates. It is an obligatory stop while travelling through Northern Kashubia.


ul. Zamkowa 1, 84-110 Krokowa

tel.: +48 58 77 42 111

e-mail: recepcja@zamekkrokowa.pl


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