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100% chokeberry: no sugar, no preservatives. This is Royal Nature black chokeberry juice. Whole fruit with just a pinch of apple mousse is what comprises chokeberry jam, also signed by Royal Nature. A family company run by Paweł Dziel, it is the largest chokeberry producer in Pomorskie region.

A total of 12 hectares: this is how much space Paweł Dziel’s plantation takes up. This young man decided to follow the family tradition of cultivating chokeberry, dating back to the 1980s, and managed to raise the bar. Here, chokeberry is being cultivated with no chemicals, thus making it a 100% natural produce.

The flagship product of Royal Nature is the 100% chokeberry juice. It is produced without water, sugar, or preservatives. The juice is cold-pressed right after harvest, giving the delicious, dark-burgundy juice just hours after the fruit had been gathered.

The second signature product of Royal Nature is chokeberry jam. In them, you will find whole chokeberries, just a pinch of sugar, and some apple mousse that is essential in breaking the bitter aftertaste of the berries.

Chokeberry is also the main ingredient of the 100% chokeberry tincture with multi-floral honey. – There is no other like that anywhere in Poland – says Paweł Dziel with pride.

But why is chokeberry beneficial for our health? – It is very healthy, as it regulates blood pressure and sugar levels, as well as it reduces the risk of heart attack. It also regulates cholesterol levels, has beneficial impact on digestive system, circulatory system, as well as on peristalsis. It is also the elixir of life. It is known to have originated in South America, where young Indian women would drink chokeberry juice in order to preserve youth and stay healthy – says Paweł Dziel.

Royal Nature also co-operates with numerous restaurants and companies from food processing industry. Their premium class products can be found during many healthy food events in Tricity, at the Cistercian fair in Pelplin, or on the market in Starogard Gdański. Products by Royal Nature can also be purchased via the Internet.

What is the best way to consumer Royal Nature tinctures? Paweł Dziel says without doubt: – They are a great aperitif when chilled. The honey variety, I would rather recommend as a dessert, especially with delicious cakes and other pastries.


phone.: +48 787 387 536

e-mail: biuro@royalnature.pl


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