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The areas surrounding Jastrzębia Góra have always been to me a synonym of wild, breath-taking landscapes. It is a perfect location: close to the greatest attractions of the Hel peninsula, yet at the same time allowing to indulge in wildlife, and stroll along cliffs, ravines, and beaches.

The Rozewie Lighthouses

Many of us were taught that the most northerly point of Poland was Cape Rozewie. Many of you will be surprised to learn that this is no longer the case. After new measurements had been taken in 2010, it turned out that the most northerly point is in the neighbouring town of Jastrzębia Góra. The historical lighthouse is a landmark of Rozewie. I was surprised, when on my way to it I passed a building that looked like a typical lighthouse. I quickly solved this mystery, and the solution surprised me. It turned out that there had been two lighthouse buildings: the old one, and the new one.

Telling them apart is not an easy task. Why? “The old lighthouse” was built in 1822. It underwent two major renovations in 1910 and 1978. “The new lighthouse” was commissioned in 1875. Until 1910, it operated in parallel to the old lighthouse in Rozewie. It was  decommissioned in 1910, after the old one had been modernised and equipped with electrical light.

The Rozewie lighthouse has the longest nominal range out of all the lighthouses along the Polish coast. Lighthouse tours are available in high season, from May to October. This is also when you can visit the on-site museum.

The founding legend of the lighthouse relates to a wrecked Swedish ship. The only survivor of the shipwreck was the captain’s daughter who, for the rest of her life, lit bonfires so that nobody else would share her tragic fate. The lighthouse was supposedly built after her death. It is not the only legend from this area. This next one also has a ship in it, as well as an important historical.

The King’s Ravine

Lisi Jar (The Fox Ravine) is a ravine located at the border of Rozewie and Jastrzębia Góra. It runs up to 50 metres deep, and its slopes are covered in oak trees that are over a century old, and enormous ferns. Autumn turns this place into a magical wonderland that catches your eye with hundreds of colourful leaves. The ravine with is 350 metres, which is not long. It is said to have been 10 km long, but it was consumed by the sea.  At its end, there stands a wooden statue of the king Sigismund III Vasa who, according to legends, arrived at the ravine after an unsuccessful claim to the Swedish throne.

When I arrived at its exit, I had one of the most beautiful views on the Polish coast in front of me. A truly magical experience, when you take the wide passage out of the forest straight to the sandy beach, surrounded by cliffs. I know that the beaches in Jastrzębia Góra are varied, from sandy to rocky ones, but this part is my favourite. After such a stroll, you should experience this view from a different perspective.

A new lodestone of Jastrzębia Góra

It is, of course, the most northerly point of Poland. You cannot miss it during a walk. On the top of a cliff, next to an impressive lookout point, there is a stone monument with information on the most recent measurements. Behind it, stretched a panorama that made me stop for a while. I was sorry I had to go, because I would have stared at it hours on end. The Baltic Sea is beautifully colourful in autumn. It looks better than during summer, because there is no vegetation.

Accommodation by the beach

Szafir Hotel in Jastrzębia Góra is a modern building with an exterior that evokes the colours of the sea. Of course, its primary asset is the location that allows to walk to one of the most picturesque beaches in Poland in a matter of minutes. More often than not, we require something more from holiday than simple relaxation. Szafir Hotel offers more: a way to rejuvenate your body and mind in a complex way. Take a dive in the swimming pool, relax in one of the new treatment rooms in the SPA area, or experience the rejuvenating properties of the salt grotto. Enjoy the view of the sea from the rooftop bar. There are 45 rooms, including apartments suitable for a family weekend or a getaway with friends. After a healthy dose of relaxation, the one thing on your mind will be a nutritious meal. Fortunately, there is plenty to choose from.

Lazurowa Restaurant

The stylish interior is one of the prerequisites for a feast. The restaurant offers a wide selection of dishes. You can tell that seasonal specials are essential for the menu. This is why in autumn the head chef serves creamy pumpkin soup, fish soup that is sure to warm you up, or goose meat. In places like this, I always go for the regional dishes, so this time I decided to try the pickled herring tartare. Surprisingly, you will not find many restaurants that will serve you herring in this way. Most often, fish tartare is made from salmon. I would really recommend trying a different version, like I have. It was excellent. The choice of main dish was quite a challenge, but I decided to go for the wild boar knuckle, another uncommon dish on the menu. The restaurant takes care of all its Guests, and offers a wide range of vegetarian dishes, too.

Willa Vinci (The Vinci Villa)

Not everyone enjoys large hotel complexes. Personally, I always try to diversify my accommodation. Sometimes, I choose hotels teeming with life. However, after an intense work marathon, I like to hide in a more intimate surrounding. Even though the villa looks like a historical piece of architecture, it was built in 2009. It is a unique holiday retreat, for those who can appreciate close contact with nature. You will be dazed, not only by the close proximity of the sea, but the entire surroundings, which is full of fruit in summer, and explodes with mushrooms in autumn. Exclusive sauna sessions will perfectly complement your stay.

The Gold of the Baltic Sea

Damroka Jantar is an amber workshop located in the nearby town of Władysławowo. I had already visited plenty of amber-themed places, from the most modern, to the tiny ones located in tourist towns. However, none has taught me more about amber than this inconspicuous spot. The owner is truly passionate about his work, showing and explaining the entire procedure of amber processing. His works can be found in homes all around the world. Here, you will see amber in all its forms and shapes, from raw lumps, through dust, to final products. If you are looking for amber curiosities, as well as true pieces of art, there is no better place to look in. And since amber has also medicinal properties, it is a double win.

Jastrzębia Góra is a destination for those who look for the soothing company of nature. The well-developed, yet unobtrusive infrastructure provides for a complex leisure as well as sightseeing experiences.

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