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They wanted to show the best and more delicious that Żuławy region has to offer. They also wanted to share what they have passionately been crafting in their households and small manufactures. They came together, and here they are: the best local producers and farmers from Żuławy region united under the banner of Żuławskie Smaki (The Flavours of Żuławy).

It all started with pickled cucumbers. First, Adam Spirewski established Żuławska Zagroda (Żuławy Cottage), located in Laskowice Wielkie, near Malbork, where he started producing pickled cucumbers. – They were supposed to be exactly as countryside housewives made them – he says. – We started our manufacture in 2011.

The interest in the products was enormous, and the need to share top-quality, local products even more so. This is why, in 2015, Żuławskie Smaki brand was born. – We decided that this brand will unite many local manufacturers. The idea caught on really quickly – says Adam Spirewski.

Is there anything else on the menu aside from the said cucumbers? Of course.

Namely, various kinds of local cheese produced in Żelichowo, near Nowy Dwór Gdański. It is primarily the local delicacy, the Werderkäse, produced by Żuławski Dom Sera (Żuławy Cheese House). Homemade sausage and smoked meats are provided by Rakowiec-based smokehouse.

Top quality honey is provided by Ewa and Rower Gustaw from Stogi Malborskie. Their nomadic apiary contains 400 hives, and their bees produce six types of honey: from canola to lime variety, gathered near Pasłęk.

The offer also includes traditional Polish dumplings and cabbage rolls, made by Halina Uzdowska, natural rye bread from Małgorzata Malczewska and, of course, marvellous powidl, a type of zwetschgen stew.

-Upon entering this small village near Bydgoszcz we already know that the entire population are powidl specialists, it’s just the way it is. Before the season, the entire village gathers in the village mayor’s office to establish the amount of powidl each person is going to prepare, and how many labels they need for it. All powidl have similar labels, and only stamps on the jars reveal the house of origin of each batch – says Adam Spirewski.

Game, as well as sausages, pates, and wild boar lard all come from the Tuchola Forest. The offer also includes produce such as free-range eggs.

Żuławska Zagroda also offers different workshops that take place in an arcaded house in Żelichowo, such as cheese-making workshops or honey extraction presentations.

Today, products with the label of “Żuławskie Smaki” are available in shops, as well as online. Each day, goods are sent to various places. One of them is the Tricity, where the demand for these products is the strongest. But products with the logo of Żuławskie Smaki can be also found on bazaars dedicated to local products.


phone.: + 48 735 192 862

email: info@zulawskiesmaki.pl


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