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In theheart of Żuławy Wiślane region, near the coast of the Baltic Sea, in a smallvillage of Rychnowo stands Orzechowy Dworek (the Nut Manor). The name itself brings to mind a setting out of a fairy tale. It can be said that the realityhere is pretty much a fairy tale itself.

Thelocation of the Urbański family agritourism farm is an area of roughly threehectares. In the neighbourhood, there is an old park with well-developed sportinfrastructure, and a fish pond waiting for all patient fishing amateurs.

However,the main role in this beautiful natural spectacle is played by nut trees andthe historical manor from the year 1861. 12 walnut trees and around 300hazelnut trees of different varieties enrich the autumn scenery with their fruit.

Janusz Urbański has been running the agritourist farm for almost two decades, since1998. – We are currently in a building erected in 1861. This is not the firstsettlement in this place; there are traces in the ground that would suggestthat there had been people living here before. The small village of Rychnowy isvery old, with the first records dating back to the Medieval era. It is verysmall, but it is part of the amber route. Amber fishers travelled via thissmall settlement from the south of Europe, through Malbork, straight to the seacoast – says Janusz Urbański.

First, themanor was constructed, then the smaller barn, a granary that dates back to the1900, and another barn. – This house was inhabited by a family that joinedtogether two religions: Mennonites and Evangelists, or Protestants. They hadlived here until the war broke out – continues the owner.

Today, itis a perfect place to rest from the city commotion, and immerse yourself inpleasant idleness. There are eight rooms, that can accommodate up to 30 people,available. Guests can indulge in delicious, homemade cooking. And in theevening, sitting by the fire, try homemade smoked ham, or homemade wine. Thebonfire is often used to roast fish, freshly caught in the nearby pond.

In yourfree time – and you’ll get that a lot here! – you can stroll around the parkthat surrounds the estate from north and south. If you are a self-madedendrologist or ornithologist, you will certainly notice several interestingspecies of trees and birds.

-Ourhistorical settlement from the year 1861 is worth visiting, a magical aura lingersin the air that will make you fall in love with this places – says Janusz Urbański.


Rychnowo Żuławskie 18, Nowy Dwór Gdański

tel.: +48 55 247 28 08, +48 507 763 163

e-mail: orzechowy.dworek@wp.pl


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