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Wdzydze Kiszewskie is a village in the Kashubian Lake District (Pojezierze Kaszubskie). It is famous for its unique natural values and local places of interest that surround them. I won’t lie, this area is one of my favourite, all year round. I like taking spring strolls, when nature wakes up after winter slumber. I enjoy water sports in summer, and to forage for mushrooms in autumn.

The oldest open-air museum in Poland

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Wdzydze, is its famous open-air museum (skansen). The Ethnographic Museum has had a long history. In 1906, Teodora and Izydor Gulgowscy purchased an 18-century peasant hut from one of the landowners, thus starting the first open-air museum in Poland. They were truly into local arts, promoting, among others, Kashubian handicraft. Today, the museum encompasses more than 22 hectares of land, with more than 50 buildings from the regions of Kashubia, Kociewie, and Tuchola Forest (Kaszuby, Kociewie, Bory Tucholskie). The oldest date back to the 17th century. I cannot count the number of open-air museums in Poland that I have visited, yet I believe that this one remains unparalleled. The sheer number and diversity of buildings, combined with picturesque surroundings, make it unrivalled. Of course, the best time to visit is summer, when meadows are in bloom, and trees are heavy with fruit. But it is also worth stopping by in the remaining seasons. This way, you can get a better idea of how our ancestors really lived, depending on the time of year. After a relaxing stroll, I decided to check how Wdzydze looked like from above.

A tower with the view of the “Kashubian Sea”

The landscape in Wdzydze is breathtaking. It’s one of the places that makes even a simple car drive an amazing experience. It’s common knowledge that such picturesque landscapes are best admired from above. Since 2010, a wooden lookout tower with three platforms is available on the premises of the riverside hostel owned by the Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society (PTTK). It towers 35 metres over the ground, with a perfect view of the unique coastline of the so-called Kashubian Sea, which encompasses five lakes: Wdzydze, Radolne, Gołuń, Jelenie, and Słupinko. After this exciting experience, you can clear your head on one of the nearby nature trails.

The trail of the five lakes

The nature trail begins in Wąglikowice, on the corner of Kościerska and Spacerowa streets. The landscape shifts are quite dynamic, and after a few minutes a plain, gravel road transforms into a true feast for the mind and body, passing through forests, meadows, and lakes. The weather was excellent, both the open-air museum, and the lookout tower were crowded. The trail, on the other hand, was peaceful and quiet. Along the way, I passed fellow strollers and some anglers, but most of the route was empty. The trail itself is a 6-kilometre loop, which means no two views will be the same. It takes approximately 2.5 hrs to complete the trail. It is not demanding, which makes it perfect for families. On the way, you can stop for a picnic, or to take a rest in designated areas. If you’re up for something more, there is an amazing restaurant just a few minutes away by car.

There’s no place like grandma’s house

Everyone who loves decent, regional food, doesn’t need an explanation as to why the best recipes are ones passed on from generation to generation. The Babcina Kuchnia restaurant (Grandma’s Kitchen) serves traditional, Kashubian cuisine. All the recipes are based on seasonal products from local suppliers. If you fancy home made chicken soup and noodles, or fresh fish, you’ll be delighted. Cosy interior is filled with various trinkets, such as a collection of family photos, or historical pieces of furniture. There is a beautifully located playground for your kids to enjoy. It was my first time here, and I will certainly come back next time I’m in the neighbourhood!

Your own piece of paradise – Ostoja Wyrówno

There is extreme potential for excellent accommodation in such picturesque surroundings. I’ve always been a fan of traditional architecture, as I believe that such buildings have soul, which gives them their unique vibe. I got out of the car, and I was breathless. Never before had I seen an agritourism farm in such a location. A spectacular view of three lakes stretches from the top of the hill on which stand two, eight-person cabins. A private jetty, sauna, and a playground seem but a small addition to breakfast on the terrace with such a view, which is the greatest luxury one could think of.

Wdzydze is an excellent leisure destination. Well-developed infrastructure allows to fully enjoy the surroundings, and the number of trails, lakes, and other attractions makes it easy to enjoy peace and quiet, and solitude.

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