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The Olivia Business Centre, the largest business centre in Poland, has a year-round garden called Olivia Garden. It is a carefully designed space with an area of ​​almost 800 m2, filled with thousands of tropical plants representing over 150 different species.

Olivia Garden is the result of innovative thinking about the nature of the workplace, in which the proximity of nature positively affects the well-being and efficiency. The project was created in response to the needs of the residents of the business centre and with the residents of the Tri-City in mind, who will be offered a new place on the gastronomic and event map of the Tri-City. Olivia Business Centre is the largest business center in northern Poland, in which from the very beginning we have been guided by the slogan “more than a building” – says Monika Matysiak, director of the Resident Relations department at Olivia Business Center. We implement many of the initiatives that create with mission to provide the comfort for our Residents, their employees and guests in mind. We include them in the concept of well-being, care for the broadly understood well-being of Olivia’s employees. This naturally fits in with the concept of creating places where Residents could “catch their breath”, surrounded by nature, for example on a patio, in the vicinity of a green avenue or a pocket garden. It is from them that the expectation came to create a place of respite in their daily work, which they will be proud of and which they will be able to visit systematically. During many meetings with our tenants and workshops conducted with them, we listened to the voices of residents and found out what they need most. Thanks to this, the project took its final shape. Now each of the Resident employees can download a free ticket on the Olivia Garden website and use this place – before work, to recharge their batteries; during work, to organize a meeting or work in the shade of trees, even when it rains; or after work to relax after a long day. – adds Monika Matysiak.

Olivia Garden provides the opportunity to work and spend free time in close proximity to nature, regardless of the season and weather conditions. The glazed body of the pavilion has the shape of a prism with a characteristic sloping roof, referring to the architecture of the top of the Olivia Star building and the architectural icon – the Olivia Hall. The garden was designed by the Malinowski Design Urban & Landscape studio, and the Design Anatomy studio was also involved in the implementation. Work on the final concept lasted many months and involved not only architects, but also an interdisciplinary team of specialists consulting solutions with Olivia Business Centre Residents.

With different types of activities in mind, Olivia Garden has been divided into 4 zones – says Agata Grochowska from Olivia Star Top. One of them is the Tiki-style bar, serving fresh cocktails and light oriental dishes. Olivia Garden is a perfect space for social and business meetings, independent work and rest, and the organization of lectures, workshops or small concerts.

The main innovation of this garden on a European scale is the technology of climate control, thanks to which it is possible to “control the weather” in the garden, thus ensuring optimal conditions for both plants and people. The system is independent of external weather conditions, temperature fluctuations throughout the year and changing light intensity. The garden itself is open all year round – says Dariusz Malinowski from the Malinowski Design Urban & Landscape studio. Technology allows us to control the climate in such a way that the person inside is provided with conditions in which he can relax or work in silence, surrounded by vegetation from exotic places, where life is vibrant around the clock.

There are 30 large trees in the garden, the largest of which are 11 meters high. One of the largest is Bucida Buceras (black olive), which rises from between the mezzanine platforms, creating the impression of a “tree house”. The garden has over 130 species of plants from such exotic countries as Indonesia, Australia, New Guinea, Madagascar, Malaysia, Borneo, Costa Rica, Venezuela, and tropical Amazon forests.

Olivia Garden is a place intended not only for employees of the business centre. As in the case of the observation deck on the 32nd floor of Olivia Star or the restaurants on the 33rd floor, everyone who wants to spend their free time in a pleasant and unconventional way are welcome here. Entry to the Olivia Garden area is ticketed, available in several variants, which will allow you to simultaneously use the gastronomic offer or visit the observation deck.

Once again, our guests will be able to see that Olivia Star is an open place that leaves a positive impression. – says Rafał Marcyniuk from Olivia Star Top, the company operating the Olivia Garden project.

We offer all of us our guests a healthy and safe space, optimal conditions for gaining energy and positive emotions resulting from contact with lush, exotic nature. Olivia Garden is a project that has no equivalent in Poland. We prepare a place where every moment spent will provide a perfect experience. On an area of ​​800 m2, we have planted 3,000 plants from 5 continents, including unique trees. The entire space is 7,500 m3.

Importantly, Olivia Garden will be available all year round, so we provide our guests with a unique experience also in the fall, when most of us begin to miss energy and summer sun, and in winter, when there is snow and low temperatures outside the windows. – emphasizes Krzysztof Dembek from Olivia Star Top. Our spaces at the Olivia Star summit have won prestigious awards, such as the award of the Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship for the event of 2020 and the title of the European Property Award in the Leisure Development category, so we feel obliged to earn recognition in this space and offer our guests another unique experience – adds Krzysztof Dembek.

Many plants that will be in the garden are unique species, the curiosities of which will certainly add variety to a visit to Olivia Garden. For example, you can mention the fact that there will be, a plant whose aroma is one of the ingredients of the Chanel perfume no. 5. We are looking forward to the workshops, presentations and sharing knowledge about the plants presented at Olivia Garden. We have no doubts that lovers of exotic nature will appear among the guests. We also count on a group of enthusiasts of extraordinary spaces, interesting architecture and those who will be pleased with the refined and high quality design in every detail. – says Krzysztof Dembek from Olivia Star Top.

Tickets and details are available at: https://garden.oliviacentre.com

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