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Pomorskie is a perfect region for a weekend getaway. It has everything your heart may desire: the sea, lakes, meadows, forests and the historical heritage. Today, we recommend four destinations for the long weekend – the seaside town of Łeba, the mysterious city of Słupsk, the Kashubian Landscape Park and the forest treasures of Bory Tucholskie. We also provide suggestions on where to eat well and which hotels to stay in.

Destination Łeba – a trip to the seaside for the long weekend

What is Łeba known for? Primarily for its shifting sand dunes, sometimes referred to as the Polish Sahara. They are located on the territory of the Słowiński National Park, between the Baltic Sea and Lake Łebsko. Łeba also offers the sea, life-guarded bathing areas, sandy beaches, lighthouses, tourist cruises and a major attraction for families with children – Poland’s largest 1:1 scale Dinosaur Park.

If you enjoy staying in unique places, we recommend lodging at the luxurious Łeba Castle located right by the sea. This mysterious property is a revitalized pre-war resort built in 1907. Inside, you will find 40 rooms with views of the sea, park or courtyard, as well as a romantic tower suite. At Castle Łeba, you can relax with spa treatments, dine at the Neptun restaurant serving Polish cuisine and even plan a beach side engagement ceremony.

Or perhaps Słupsk? It’s a city that harbours many secrets for the long weekend

Why is Słupsk worth visiting? For instance, for the Witch Tower, a place shrouded in mystery that will leave you spellbound. The tower dates back to the early 15th century, when it was used for defensive purposes. Part of the tower served as a prison, where women accused of witchcraft were held. One of the prisoners was a woman named Trina, whose business was so successful that she was accused of selling her soul to the devil. Today, the Witch Tower houses the Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art. But obviously, that’s not all. Słupsk is also worth seeing because of other attractions: there you can visit the oldest surviving industrial building in Poland – the Castle Mill, enjoy a pizza at “Poranek,” the oldest pizzeria in Poland, founded in 1974, and listen to the noon bugle call played from the tower of Słupsk Town Hall.

For lunch or dinner, we invite you to the Dym na Wodzie restaurant. There, you can enjoy delicious regional dishes of Kashubian cuisine, fresh Baltic fish and meat straight from Kashubian Lake District. Interestingly, the restaurant’s name refers to the hit song “Smoke on the Water” by Deep Purple.

Heading to the land of lakes and forests: Bory Tucholskie fot the long weekend

Bory Tucholskie captivate visitors with their natural riches. The National Park area has one of the largest complexes of pine forests in Poland. Two rivers, Brda and Wda,  flow through Bory Tucholskie. This region is also a land full of deep lakes. Certainly, there is plenty of fresh air there and you can enjoy long walks in the great outdoors. In Bory Tucholskie National Park there are so many natural “attractions” that you will need more than just one day to see them all. That’s why it is worth staying there longer.

When visiting Bory Tucholskie, we recommend staying at the Notera Hotel SPA by Lake Charzykowskie. Here, you will find a well-equipped spa and the Las i Woda restaurant, serving traditional flavours of Bory Tucholskie with a modern twist.

Notera Hotel Spa Wczasowa 1, 89-606 Charzykowy, Polska https://hotelnotera.pl/ hotel@hotelnotera.pl +48 512 795 025

Exploring the Kashubian Landscape Park

We recommend visiting the area of the Kashubian Landscape Park. It’s a land of lakes and hills, a paradise for lovers of natural landscapes. You can explore the park on foot or by bike, stopping at one of the many viewpoints to admire the landscapes.

Not far from the Kashubian Landscape Park you will find Łebunia Palace, where you can stay for the long weekend. This over 150-year-old palace in the heart of Kashubian Lake District offers relaxation in the spa area, rest in the palace-park complex and traditional Kashubian flavors in the palace restaurant.

Bluszczowa 36 restaurant Pomorska 36, Łebunia, Polska https://palac-lebunia.pl restauracja@palac-lebunia.pl + 48 697 090 090

Another recommended place is Leśny Dwór in Sulęczyno, located by the picturesque Lake Węgorzyno. The hotel is situated in a facility with a rich history, dating back to the year 1707. Sulęczyno is a fantastic village, where you can recharge your batteries. Leśny Dwór hotel features a swimming pool and the biôłi trus restaurant, serving traditional Polish cuisine with regional Kashubian products.

Leśny Dwór Stefana Żeromskiego 15, 83-320 Sulęczyno, Polska https://lesnydwor.pl recepcja@lesnydwor.pl +48 691 992 588

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