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Last time we wrote about why it is a good idea to come to Gdańsk for a city break and today we would like to give you 5 inspiring ideas for spending the long May weekend in Gdańsk in a more extraordinary fashion. If you are planning to spend the long weekend in this romantic city, there’s one thing you certainly won’t get. You won’t get bored.

Premium Yachting: a cruise down The Motlawa River

Gdańsk is beautiful, but wait until you’ve seen Gdańsk from the river point of view! If you want to see the Crane, the Granary Island and the famous Old Town tenement houses while sipping on a hot cup of tea on a yacht, take advantage of the Premium Yachting offer and book your spot on a boat today. There are several cruises to choose from on the Motława River – during the day, at sunset and at night (if you would like to see the port beautifully illuminated). It is also possible to organize a private cruise, just gather a group of at least  8 people and share these incredible experiences with friends. Check the full range of Premium Yachting services at premiumyachting.pl.

Floating session at Five Senses float & SPA

The long May weekend is a time for relaxation, and there is no place more relaxing than a floating cabin. It’s not without reason that floating is said to trigger similar sensations to being rocked in mother’s womb. It’s warm and cosy. You float on the water in absolute silence or listen to relaxing music. Floating is the main attraction of this place, but not the only one. At Five Senses float & SPA you can indulge not only in massages, but in beauty and care rituals, too. The full offer is available at fivesenses.pl.

A good massage at Prana Spa

Choose the type of massage you like – intense, with strong pressure, or gentle, inducing a state of blissful relaxation. If you like more intensive type of massage, we recommend the Balinese massage. It’s a true pleasure for the body and mind. It uses techniques of stroking, stretching, tapping and pressing. Legend has it that the Balinese massage is a gift from the goddess Lakshmi – the embodiment of wealth, happiness and beauty, who shared her gift with the island’s inhabitants. Lakshmi had 4 hands and their soothing touch kept the body and mind in perfect harmony.

If you prefer gentler massages, we recommend the Ayurvedic massage, full of oriental scents and accompanied by soothing music. The method involves massaging the body with powdered herbs, which firms the skin and gives it a natural glow. One of its rituals is pouring warm oil on the vital spot on the forehead (referred to as “the third eye”) which enables you to enter a state of deep relaxation. The choice of massage technique is up to you, and the full offer is available at pranaspa.pl.

Local craft beer tasting in PG4 or Brovarnia of  Gdańsk Hotel

Do you like trying the produce of regional breweries? We recommend two places where you can taste local beers and want to come back for more. Firstly – Brovarnia, where in the walls of a 17th-century Granary you will discover, among other things: Złoto Brovarni, the flagship and award-winning Polish pilsner, proudly representing Brovarnia Gdańsk’s brewing tradition. This beer has won many awards, so it’s worth starting your tasting adventure with it. We also recommend the Czech beer, a semi-dark beer with a beautiful amber-copper colour and seasonal wheat beer of a refreshing taste. And if you get hungry during the beer tasting night (or day), you can order a set of seasonal dishes with asparagus as the main ingredient, also available in vegetarian version.

The next place where you can taste exceptional craft beers is PG4, where a beer tasting board consisting of 4 types of beer is served along with 4 snacks matched to each of the beers. At PG4 you can also taste the unique local specialty – Jopenbier, which has been brewed in Gdańsk since the 15th century. It has a dark colour and a thick consistency, resembling beer syrup with notes of figs, raisins, walnuts and dark chocolate. We highly recommend it!

Food pairing with cocktails at Eliksir

Elixir is a unique place where you can taste good food and cocktails that go exceptionally well with them. Here, the flavours of food and drinks come together to create a cohesive and interesting culinary experience. The duo in charge of the compositions – Elixir’s Head Chef and Head of the Bar are marvellous matchmakers. We suggest trying the tasting menu consisting of five (also available in a vegetarian version!) or seven courses with matching cocktails.  Cocktail pairing is available also in a non-alcoholic version. What combinations can you find on the menu? For example, deer carpaccio paired with a vodka-based cocktail, tomato cordial or chocolate-lavender brownie paired with a whiskey-based cocktail infused with blue cheese and fig syrup.
 Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

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