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The 761st edition of St. Dominic’s Fair kickstarted with a parade of colourful people and the handing over of the key to the city. The traditional bugle call, composed this year of 761 notes, began the event. Each edition of the Fair brings one additional note to the tune. This celebration of trade, handicraft, and regional cuisine attracts millions of tourists to Gdańsk each year. Will it be the same this year? The Fair, whose tradition dates back to the year 1260, will end on the 15th of August.

The Flavours of Pomorskie and The Bread Festival

Here you can buy, bargain, look for treasures and find beautiful frames for photographs!” says the event’s official website, a word of encouragement to visit this year’s edition of the Fair. This year, apart from traditional stands full of delicious food and magnificent handicraft, you will find, among others, the Pomorskie Street (Ulica Pomorska) with the Flavours of Pomorskie (most of them have been labelled part of the Culinary Heritage), as well as local artists and creatives. During the first weekend of the Fair, visitors to the Pomorskie Street (which is, in fact, Szeroka Street) had the opportunity to taste delicious honey and oil from the regional producers. On Monday, the Pomorskie Adventure (Pomorska Przygoda) was introduced, a family city game that brought different generations together.

One of the important elements of the St. Dominic’s Fair first weekend was the 26th Bread Festival. Alongside the Qfer Theatre, as well as the band Rock&Rollersi, guests had the opportunity to indulge themselves in bread delicacies, or relax in the chill out zone.

The new seat of the Amber Museum

One of the highlights of this year’s St. Dominic’s Fair was the opening of the Amber Museum’s new seat. After 15 years of operating in the City Gate Complex (the Torture Chamber and the Prison Tower), the museum has finally found its new home, in the Great Mill. Inside, you will find one of the largest collections of amber in the world. Over 1,000 shimmering amber show-pieces, with inclusions dating back 40 million years, as well as the amber forest and the amber room are waiting for guests who are ready to be enchanted. During the first weekend of the Fair, there was no entry fee for those who booked one of more than 1,200 free tickets.

Handicraft and food from all around the world during the St. Dominic’s Fair

What would the St. Dominic’s Fair be without its handicraft? Jewellery, wooden statues, leather goods, caps and hats, as well as original Christmas glass balls is just a drop in the ocean of goods. Pro collectors can rummage through antiques stalls to find true gems, and those looking for excellent cuisine will find it on one of the many stands that serve food from all around the world. Among all the different flavours, you will find specialities from Poland, Lithuania, Turkey, or Greece, as well as excellent wine and liqueurs. In order not to get lost in all the bustle, you will want to print a map of the Fair, which is available on the official website of the event.

Culture, chill out zone, and a vaccination point

St. Dominic’s Fair is an evergreen event, where #then meets #now. The variety of attractions makes it a place for everyone. Cultural and artistic events, specially designated areas for children, rich culinary and trade offers, as well as chill out zones, both daytime and evening ones, all make the Fair enjoy constant popularity throughout the years. Each new edition is richer from the previous ones in new areas and activities. This year, the Fair has prepared an outdoor vaccination point where anyone who wants to can get a COVID-19 vaccine.

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