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The out-of-the-box building that resembles a casket – Gdańsk Shakespeare Theater is not to be ignored. Opened September 19, 2014 it is the only theater building with a retractable roof, which allows for performing in natural sunlight, just like the Renaissance era. There is no time to waste, enter the world of the Arts that this theater creates and witness the cultural face of Poland, Europe and the world.

Every year the Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre organises a Shakespeare Festival. However, in addition to theatre events, the Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre offers a much broader calendar of events: concerts, exhibitions and the possibility of guided tours of the theatre.

Gdańsk Shakespeare Theater Wojciecha Bogusławskiego 1, 80-818 Gdańsk, Polska https://teatrszekspirowski.pl/ sekretariat@teatrszekspirowski.pl +48 58 351 01 51

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