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Gdańsk is the international amber capital, therefore if you’re planning to visit the city, you should consider booking a few hours for a visit to the Amber Museum. Its new seat is located in the Great Mill (Wielkie Młyny 7 street). There, more than 1,000 glittering exhibits await for you to explore them. These include an amber chess set, or an amber guitar, all in a mysterious setting.

Family fun

Did you know that the oldest examples of use of the Baltic amber were found in what is now known as Czechia, and date back to 80,000 B.C.? Researchers say that amber could have been used as incense in contemporary habitats, such as caves, sheds, or grottos. Or, did you know that an amber figurine depicting a horse was found in Poland, which dates back to the late Palaeolithic, around 8,000 years B.C.? This knowledge is but a small fragment of what you’ll find in the Amber Museum in Gdańsk. The information boards and interactive screens, which have been temporarily disabled due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, were placed in the building, among the exhibits. Among those, you will also find traditional outfits and tools of amber catchers. So, a trip to the Amber Museum is family fun.

You can watch, and you can buy

Among over 1,000 exhibits, you will find impressive amber pieces, including the world’s heaviest, 68-kilogram one, different amber inclusions (including a gecko and a giant spider), as well as handicraft. An amber chess set, an amber guitar, or copies of pieces of the Amber Room are astonishing, yet they’re only a prelude to what awaits you on two stories of the Great Mill. A real treat for all the collectors is the ground floor, where you can purchase jewellery, books, and other amber-related merchandise.

Over 1,000 square metres of unique interior

The new seat is impressive. Dimmed lights, and plenty of nooks in which the exhibits are hidden, make up the mysterious ambience of the place. In the past, the museum was located in the Gate Complex, i.e. the Torture Chamber and the Prison Tower. After 15 years, it gained a “new home” in the Great Mill, which offers three times the space.

It’s best to buy tickets on-line

There are two ways to purchase the museum tickets. Either on-line, or at the counter at the entrance. We would recommend, however, to order ticket beforehand via the website. Each day, the museum has a limit of guests it can accommodate. Ordering tickets on-line for a particular date guarantees you entrance. You can enter the museum no later than 60 minutes before closing time. The interior was adapted to suit the needs of people with mobility impairments.

You can purchase the museum tickets here: https://muzeumgdansk.pl/en/oddzialy-muzeum/museum-of-amber/

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