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The largest amber workshop in Poland, Manufaktura S&A, is located here. Apart from producing amber jewellery, it has opened its premises to organized tourist groups by offering Amber Emotions, a remarkable tour of the facilities. There, you can listen to the story of amber, see and learn to tell the difference between fake and real Baltic amber, touch it and learn about its properties. Orłowo, the artistic district of Gdynia, has strong connections to amber as well. Here, spending his holiday in a fishing hut, the famous Polish writer Stefan Żeromski discovered amber and showed his fascination with it in his novel Wiatr od morza (Wind from the Sea). Today, the so-called Żeromski’s House is home to Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Orłowa (the Friends of Orłowo Society), which is known for its activities in culture and education. For some time now, the students of the local Art School have been discovering the secrets of macro scale amber photography. Once captured, the images of the subtleties inside an amber nugget, the shape of its organic inclusions and the surface structure of each unique piece of amber that will inevitably weather, help us to understand the continuity of nature and its processes.

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